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DaVinci IQC review
The DaVinci IQC Vaporizer has been regarded as one of the best conduction vaporizers on the market today, so I thought I’d check it out and see if these claims had any truth to them.

Omura X1 Vaporizer Review
Omura’s philosophy is sustainability, and you can see it right from the get-go with their 100% paper packaging which is a fresh change from all the plastic upon plastic we see in so many dry herb devices today.

Omura S1 Vaporizer review
The Omura S1 is for people who don’t want to be seen with a massive chunky vaporizer, who want a device that just works at the push of a button and is extremely low maintenance. 

Arizer XQ2 Review
Read our in depth review of the Arizer XQ 2 Vaporizer! After using it for a while, it's very clear that this latest addition is a new desktop masterpiece made by Arizer!

Puffco Peak PRO Review
Overview After three years of tinkering, Puffco has finally released the product we have all been waiting for, the Peak Pro. We’ve been putting it...

Genius Pipe Review (Updated for 2020)
Genius Pipe Review - It gives you smooth smoke like a bong, but it’s far easier to clean. | by HerbalizeTeam

Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid Review
The new Volcano Hybrid vaporizer have hybrid heating, meaning it will now feature a mixture between convection and conduction heating which will keep the amazing hits coming for years, check out our review!

The Crafty Plus vs The Mighty: A Comparison
It´s hard comparing the Crafty Plus and Mighty vaporizers. With such impeccable credentials and background tech, it goes without saying that both vapes offer something, many things, maybe even all the things you want?

Crafty+ (Plus) Review
The Crafty has been upgraded with exciting new features. Rather than creating a brand new unit with an entirely different design, Storz & Bickel have listened to customer feedback and made some very clever changes to the classic Crafty

Mighty Vaporizer Review - 2 Year Review
I personally own the 2018 iteration of the Mighty Vaporizer and in this review, I will share with you everything you’ll need to know before buying The Mighty Vaporizer. 

Davinci IQ2 Review
The IQ2 stand up to, and out-perform, the original IQ, or is it simply a version of the IQ packed with upgraded ? And, more importantly, is it worth the price? We got all the answers you need.

Crafty Vaporizer - 2019 Review
Crafty Vaporizer Review 2019 | Since the Crafty vaporizer came out in 2014, so many new vaporizers have hit the market. One might wonder, is it still relevant in 2019?

RosinBomb has been able to offer unique products for over a decade, and despite its competition, it continues to strive. Here I´m taking a closer look at the manufacturer and the rosin press models they produce.

Fierce Vaporizer Review
The Fierce Vaporizer - the big brother of the well-known Fury 2 became popular the moment it was released on the market, and I couldn’t let this chance pass me by!

DynaVap Shadow M Review
The Dynavap Shadow M vaporizer is a diamond in the rough, and it is easily overlooked. It’s complete with very unique features, and it offers comfort during each session that few other vaporizers have yet to equal.

Zeus Arc GT Review 2020
There has been some ‘talk’ in the vape community about the new Zeus Arc GT, and although I don’t consider myself a trend-follower, I found myself quickly becoming interested in this unit. And here is my review of the Arc GT.

Grasshopper Vaporizer Review 2020
The Grasshopper Vaporizer became popular before it was even released to the public. This unit became so popular that co-founders had to wait up to 18 months just to receive their unit.

Firefly 2+ Review
The Firefly 2+ is one of those vaporizers that becomes popular before it is even released to the market. In a matter of hours, the Firefly 2+ sold-out from shops, and other users had to wait to simply receive their unit.

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer Review
This Storz & Bickel Plenty Review gives a good overview of the Plenty Vaporizer. As well as comparing it to other Storz & Bickel vaporizers & other desktops. Is this Vape the right unit for you?

Volcano Medic Review - Tempt Your Curiosity
So what is the Volcano Medic? We have done a little review on everything you need to know before buying.

Kandypens Galaxy: An Honest Review
An honest review of the Kandypens Galaxy in relation to first impressions, vapour quality and Battery life.

Kandypens Gravity Review | Yours Waits For You
Looking for an amazing vape pen? Is the Kandypen Gravity for you? We have all the information. You just need to read.

Firefly 2 Review | The Vape Connoisseurs Choice
This high tech retro vaporizer just sparks interest. Since its release in 2016, it has been highly sought after. Have a look.

Marley Bubbler Review | Why Is It So Good?
One of our best selling pipes but why? Click here to find out.

Ghost MV1 Review | Big Flavour For Big Vape?
The Ghost MV1 returns with a thunderous return. Is It worth the dollar dollar? Find out.

Grav Labs Manufacturer Review
Grav Labs Glass Pipes & Bongs | They make some of the best glass in the business. Let´s see find out a little bit more about how they do it.

The Black Mamba Review
The Black Mamba vaporizer has recently been named one of the best vaporizers for people who are considering giving vaping a try.

Puffco Peak Review
The Puffco peak was released by Puffco, taking the whole vaping community by surprise and we are loving it!

Pax 2 Review
The in-depth review of the widely popular Pax 2 vaporizer. The ultra-stylish dry herb vaporizer. Read all about the Pax 2 vaporizer and why this unit is for you!

Sticky Brick Junior Review
In this vape review, we will be going over the new and improved Sticky Brick Jr; why it has become popular, what makes it a favourite in the vaping community and why users prefer the Sticky Brick Jr over the Sticky Brick OG.

The best portable dab rigs of 2020
Dab rigs have increased in popularity in this last year of 2020 and the number of options are endless. Due to the large variety of options, it can be difficult to find a unit that you can be sure will satisfy your vape needs and preferences; well, worry no more. We wanted to make your life easier.

Headbanger Vape Review
This recently launched AirsTech Headbanger concentrate vaporizer has so much that I want to talk about and so much to review, so I’m happy I can finally write a vape review about this great vaporizer.

Dr Dabber Switch Review
In this Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer review we’ll be talking about all the Dr. Dabber vaporizer’s strongest points and giving you an overall review regarding performance, vapour quality, temperature settings, and of course the design and materials used to create this great vaporizer.

Shatterizer Review
The Shatterizer vaporizer wax pen is a newly improved, high quality vape pen that is a hit among the vaping community. In this Shatterizer review we’ll be going over why it has become so popular & what the Shatterizer concentrate vaporizer has to offer.

Penguin Vaporizer Review
In this Penguin vaporizer review we’ll be going over all the Penguin vaporizer’s strongest points and giving you an overall review regarding performance, vapour quality, temperatures and design of this awesome vaporizer.

Boundless Tera Review | Boundless's Newest Flagship Vape
In our Boundless Tera review we investigate the key features of the boundless and find where it really excels in it's price bracket to help you know if it is the right Vaporizer for you.

Hydrology 9 Review | Cloudious's flagship vape
As I was searching for a portable vaporizer that I could use on-the-go, I found the Hydrology 9 by Cloudious 9 portable vape. I was looking into the features this product has, and with every feature I read about, the more I wanted to buy it!

X-Max Starry Review
In this X-Max Starry review we’ll be going over its features, its pros and cons, and its overall performance, and this was a surprising one. So Have a read to find out if this vape is for you! Like this X-max starry review?

Black Widow Vaporizer Review
The Black Widow Vaporizer, made by Kingtons Manufacturing, released this small budget device in 2017. For those not looking to invest too much money in a portable vaporizer, or deciding to settle on a budget of under $100 dollars, the Black Widow Vaporizer is a good choice.

Dynavap M Review - After 1 Year Of Use
The DynaVap M from Colorado’s DynaVap was released in 2018. Itfeatures a stainless-steel body and mouthpiece and it’s based on the original VapCap M. Let's have a closer look. Did it manage to survive after one year of regular use?

Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer Review
The Fury 2 Has been selling out regularly in N. America, as soon as it comes back in stock. Here we lie down the greatest features of the Fury 2 vaporizer

Boundless CFC 2.0 Review
Boundless CFC 2.0 is the upgraded version of the original Boundless CFC and was released early in 2018.

Flowermate V5 Nano Review
Flowermate V5 Nano is the latest vaporizer from Flowermate, part of their V5 series, this is a step up from its earlier V5 Mini Pro. It has recently been released to the market and we want to give you a little closer look at what to expect.

OmniVap Review
This small portable vaporizer is the ultimate in discreet vaping and micro dosing, it offers a good quality vapour considering that it uses a flame lighter or other heat source instead of a battery and heating element. This is our review of the OmniVap.

Volcano Classic Review
You have a lot of choices when it comes to a vaporizer for your dry herbs, oils and waxes. You could go the old-fashioned route with a pipe, choose a pen, go with something portable or you can go with the one electronic vaporizer that started it all – the Volcano Classic.

Arizer Extreme Q Review
Arizer Extreme Q is a dry herb vaporizer that competes admirably with desktop vaporizers that sell for much higher prices, not only on price but  also with the excellent vapour, build quality and ease of use.

Boundless CFX Review
The Boundless CFX portable vaporizer came on the market in 2016 and have been popular among users ever since. This Boundless vape is well priced and aim for it's higher-end competition. (Like the Mighty)

Volcano Vaporizer Digital Review
Since its release in 2000, the Volcano has been the world’s premier desktop vaporizer. This Volcano Digital review shows why this is the “godfather of vapes”.

Magic Flight Box Review
The Magic Flight Box, aka the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer, was released in May, 2009 by Magic-Flight in California and is different from most of the other portable dried herb vaporizers in design.

Arizer Solo 2 Review
The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that has been on the market for a while and it comes from Canadian manufacturer Arizer, who is known for building solid, reliable vaporizers. Find out everything you need to know here!

Haze Square Pro Review
Haze Square Pro is a dry-herb vaporizer, standing 3” inches and weighing 25 grams, or just under two ounces. Coming as a follow up to its V3 model, it’s no surprise that this product vastly upgraded from its last.

G Pen Pro Review
The G Pen Pro is a solid, compact and affordable portable vaporizer that gives a tasty vapour and a long battery life. Let's take a closer look.

Arizer Air 2 Review
The Arizer Air II  is the successor to the madly popular Arizer Air, It is madet by Canadian manufacturer, Arizer, who has a reputation for making high-quality, durable vaporizers.

Pax 3 Review: Most Elegant & Stylish Portable Vaporizer
This is our Review of the Pax 3 Vaporizer. Find out more about how this awesome vape works and see what you can expect from it before you purchase it!

Arizer ArGo Review
Curious about the ArGo? Here's our review of the Arizer ArGo and our experience with it. The ArGo is a small vape with a lot of power.  It produces good clouds as it combines conduction and convection heating. It's quite a clever little device, and of course, being small, it's very portable.

Boundless CF Review
The Boundless CF is able to heat up very quickly (less than 30 seconds). It's battery allows for ten full sessions at 218.2C/415.04F before needing to charge. There's a temperature selector on the side of the vaporizer, too, making it easy to change at will without the need to go through complicated sequences of button clicking.

DaVinci IQ Review
The first thing which immediately catches the attention is its sleek design and perfect fit. In fact it fits most palms, as if magically shrinking and expanding according to the need. The heft quotient is amazing.

Grenco G Pen Elite Review
First off, the new portable vaporizer from Grenco Science is a stunner. No doubt whatsoever.

Why Storz & Bickel Vaporizers?
A brief history German manufacturing standards are world renowned. Whether it is a digital camera or a luxury car, Germans are known for their excellent engineering skills and craftsmanship.