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FENiX Vaporizers

FENiX is a relatively little known vaporizer brand, but it’s attracted a sizable underground following over the years by ‘playing the hits’, so to speak, by cranking out a line of affordable, reliable portable vaporizers that produce excellent vapor with great battery life.

Whilst there’s nothing flashy about a FENiX vaporizer, the company have put a great deal of effort into developing functional technologies like a custom heating and cooling system. The end result is a line of vaporizers that aren’t particularly Instagrammable, but will provide hours and hours of vaping enjoyment for the forseeable future. 

At the Herbalize Store, we’re proud to carry a curated selection of the most popular FENiX portable vaporizers—but we’re not just trying to convince you to make a quick purchase. We want to make sure you get the right vape for your needs, and if you give us just a few minutes of your time we’ll help you see if FENiX vapes are right for you. 


Our team of experts at the Herbalize Store love talking about vaporizers, especially when those vapes are as well made as FENiX models. Here are some of the most common things people ask us about them (and a very condensed form of the answers we give, whose unabridged versions could fill several pages in some cases)

1. How do you use a FENiX vaporizer? 

This varies a bit from device to device, but in most cases the process is relatively simple: start by removing the mouthpiece from the top of the device, which reveals the oven chamber.

Insert finely ground dry herb, then reattach the mouthpiece. Then, hit the power button and use the controls near the display screen to set the temperature. In less than a minute, you’ll be ready to vape.

2. What can you vape with FENiX devices?

FENiX specialise in dry herb vaporizers, which is why they’ve gained such a cult following amongst fans of traditional flower.

Concentrates such as wax or shatter won’t work as well in a FENiX vaporizer, so you’ll want to avoid using non-flower materials (which could both waste your material and gunk up your device).

3. Are FENiX vapes hard to clean? 

Assuming you’re only using them with dry herb, not at all. FENiX vaporizers have isolated air paths and metal oven chambers, both of which prevent large amounts of sticky buildup in hard-to-reach places.

A cleaning brush (generally included in the kit), cotton swab, and a bit of isopropyl alcohol is all you’ll need to keep your vape in peak condition. 

4. Where can you buy FENiX vaporizers?

FENiX vapes are available from a variety of online retailers, but we’d recommend getting yours from the Herbalize Store (of course we would).

It’s not just a case of tooting our own horn, though—when you buy your FENix vape from the Herbalize Store, you’ll get the guaranteed lowest price on the internet, free shipping, free returns within 14 days, and we’ll even plant a tree in your name.

5. What’s the best FENiX vaporizer? 

That’s going to depend a bit on your personal preferences and budget, but there’s a bit less variation between FENiX models as there is with some other brands.

In just a second, we’ll give you a quick introduction to the latest FENiX vape and explain why it’s become such a hit since its initial release. 

What Makes FENiX Stand Out?

Whilst some vape brands carve out a niche by offering a dazzling array of colours and customisable baubles, FENiX have taken a more ‘meat and potatoes’ route.

But they’re far from basic—in this case, substance is its own kind of style. Here’s what makes FENiX vapes sparkle: 

1. Advanced Convection Heating Technology

FENiX use a patented AIR HEATING system in all their vaporizers, which subjects the material in the oven chamber to high, even heat that vaporizes your material more cleanly than the competition. As a result, there’s less waste—and better taste.

But cooling down the vape is just as important as heating it up—after all, nobody likes to take a hit that feels like it came from a car’s exhaust pipe—and so the brand also incorporates a unique heating system into its vapes, which ensures each hit is cool and refreshing. 

2. Great Battery Life 

Customisable temperatures and big, bright display screens are great, but they also have a tendency to drain a vaporizer’s battery rather quickly.

FENiX vapes address this issue in two ways: FENiX batteries just tend to be bigger than their competitors, and the brand’s vapes also come with power-saving features like automatic shut off timers (in some cases, you can even customise the duration of your shut off timer).

As if that weren’t enough, most FENiX vaporizers also offer quick USB charging, so you won’t have to sit around for ages waiting for your vape to get its groove back. 

3. Rugged Durability

FENiX vaporizers are built like compact pickup trucks: they’re not unwieldy and large, but they’re solid as the proverbial rock.

Built with rugged metal bodies and clever features like flippable mouthpieces (which can be securely locked down into the vape’s body when not in use), FENiX vaporizers are built to withstand daily wear and tear better than most vapes on the market.

You won’t find any delicate glass mouthpieces or fragile attachments with these vapes, which make them good options if you’re the adventurous sort. 

What’s New in FENiX’S Collection?

FENiX take their time when it comes to releasing new models, but the wait is worth it—since the brand spends more time fine tuning their designs and adding useful features than chasing fleeting trends, each new FENiX vaporizer represents a major step forward in vaping technology. Here’s a quick introduction to the latest creation from FENiX:

The FENiX 2.0 is the latest iteration of the brand’s flagship vaporizer, and after four rounds of upgrades, it’s one of the most impressive dry herb vaporizers on the market.

Featuring a large digital display, wide range of customisable temperatures, a large oven chamber, and a heat up time of just around 30 seconds, the FENiX 2.0 provides an experienced vape user with all the bells and whistles they could want, whilst also being straightforward enough for a beginner to handle with minimal hassle.

Final Thoughts on FENiX Vaporizers

FENiX vaporizers are designed with lovers of dry herb in mind—and if that describes you, you’ll find a lot to like in these vapes. Concentrate connoisseurs will probably want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a vape that turns your dry herb into delicious, refreshing vapor with top-notch efficiency and reliability, FENiX vaporizers are tough to beat.

They’re a bit utilitarian in appearance, but the tradeoffs—durability, battery life, large display screens, and more—are worth it. When you throw in the fact that FENiX vaporizers cost considerably less than many other premium portable vaporizers like Pax 3 and Mighty, you can make a strong case that these vapes are some of the best bargains out there. 



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