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Dr Dabber Accessories

Dr. Dabber is a well established and loved brand thanks to their amazing, reliable vaporizers. Their line of vaporizer have received acclaim from mainstream news outlets like VICE, Forbes, and BuzzFeed. Their devices live up to the hype: Dr. Dabber vapes have won numerous awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup and other prestigious competitions.

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Best Dr Dabber Parts and Accessories

Dr Dabber vaporizer has a set of accessories you can use to make your vaping sessions a little bit more interesting and mix it up a bit from time to time.:

  • Dr Dabber Silicone Honey Mat: These silicone mats make wax and oil concentrates easy and clean. Their non-stick coating makes handling these messy materials much more manageable. 
  • Dr Dabber Recycler Pendant: This water tool for Dr Dabber vapes is perfect for enjoying water cooled vapour on the go. It even features a loop for a necklace thread so you can wear it around your neck for easy transport. 
  • Dr Dabber Budder Cutter: This multi use dabbing device makes cutting and handling your concentrates simple. It even features a heated cutting head that slices your wax like melted butter. 



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