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  • Venty Vaporizer

    Venty Vaporizer

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  • Volcano Hybrid Onyx ireland
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    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

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  • Mighty Plus Vaporizer plus 2021
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    Mighty Plus

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  • Crafty plus 2022 latest edition
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    Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer

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  • Volcano Vaporizer ireland  new colour
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    Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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  • Mighty Vaporizer ireland
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    Mighty Vaporizer

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  • Plenty Vaporizer Ireland
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    Plenty Vaporizer

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Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel are the undisputed kings of the vape industry. Based in Germany, this trailblazing company nearly single-handedly shaped the modern vape industry.

Their flagship vape, the Volcano Vaporizer, was the best desktop vape in the world at the time of its launch and it holds that crown to this day. All Storz & Bickel vapes feature a unique hybrid heating system that gives users the best of both conduction and convection heating, offering some of the finest vape experiences money can buy.

Not content with dominating the world of desktop vapes, Storz & Bickel has also released incredible portable vaporizers; The Migthy PlusThe Mighty and The Crafty Plus V2. These powerful vapes miniaturize the potent vaping power of the Volcano for portable vape fans. 

Storz & Bickel FAQ 

The Storz & Bickel name is a true institution in the vape industry. However, what sets them apart from the competition? 

1. What Sort of Heating System do Storz & Bickel Vapes Use? 

The two main types of heating systems used in the vaporizer industry are convection and conduction. The former heats the air surrounding your dry herb, baking the active ingredients with, while the latter directly heats the surface area of the herb. Storz & Bickel vapes use a hybrid system that takes the best aspects of both of these systems. This results in a purer, more flavorful vapour. 

2. What is The Volcano's Easy Valve?

The Volcano, Storz & Bickel flagship vape, features a unique selling point called the Easy Valve. This is an attachment that allows users to connect specially manufactured balloons to your Volcano vaporizer. These are then filled with vapour, allowing you to detach them when they're fully inflated so you can enjoy potent vapour without being tied to your vape. 

3. Why Are Storz & Bickel Such a Big Deal?

Not only are Storz & Bickel the manufacturers of some of the first and best vaporizers. They are also one of the first vaporizer brands to open a factory specifically for the manufacture of dry herb vaporizers. Based in Tuttlingen, Germany, the centre of medical technology, the factory is specifically designed to meet the needs of vape manufacturing. 

4. What Is The Difference Between The Volcano Classic and The Volcano Digit?

The Volcano is available in two separate editions. The Volcano classic features an analogue dial that allows you to manually adjust the temperature inside your vape. The digit, on the other hand, features a a digital display and button control scheme. Other than these differences, they are identical in form and function. 

5. What Is An Easy Valve Balloon?

The Volcano allows users to enjoy their vape experience in a unique way, with the easy valve balloon. This is essentially a bag of medical grade plastic with a specialised attachment. This attachment fits to the top of a Volcano, which then gradually fills it with vapour. When it's full, it can be detached, allowing users to enjoy potent vapour away from the main desktop unit. 

What Makes Storz & Bickel Stand Out?

Storz & Bickel vapes stand head and shoulders above all the rest industry when it comes to vapour quality. Each and every one of their vaporizers is built from the ground up to produce the smoothest, purest, and most potent vapour possible. This is all due to the precision-engineered hybrid heating system, which lets users get more out of their dry herb than nearly any other method of consumption. 

1. Hybrid Heating

Storz & Bickel vaporizers use an advanced hybrid heating system that uses direct and indirect heating in tandem with superior airflow to generate unparalleled vape experiences. 

2. Handbuilt

Each Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit is carefully assembled by hand in their specially designed factory in Tuttlingen, Germany.

3. Medical-Grade Construction

Storz & Bickel's construction quality is so exacting that they are currently the only company worldwide to hold a certification to produce medical herbal vaporizers.

Storz & Bickel Vape Recommendations

Storz & Bickel design vaporizers for true aficionados, but their range has a vape for nearly any level of vape fan. 

  • Beginners: The Crafty Plus, this handheld vape offers the power of the hybrid system in a compact and portable form. 
  • Casual Users: The Mighty, this is the big brother of The Crafty, offering a longer, more robust battery life as well as an intuitive LCD display. 
  • Advanced Vapers: The Volcano Hybrid. This is the holy grail for many vape veterans. No vape offers anything close to the power and quality of the Volcano. 

Final Thoughts on Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

Nearly every vape fan knows about Storz & Bickel's reputation, in many way they are the ultimate centerpiece for many collections. However, these vapes aren't by any means cheap, they are intended as premium vaporizers for true aficionados. This will probably preclude a lot of more casual vapers from picking up a Storz & Bickel product. 

However, for those who do choose to invest in a Volcano, Mighty, or Crafty plus, they are sure to enjoy an incredible level of vapour unmatched by anything else on the market.



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