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Herbalize Store´s Dry Herb Vaporizer Blog

News, Reviews, and much more...

The 13 Best Wax Vaporizers in 2024 - A Complete Guide!
Vaping concentrates is on the rise in popularity, in this blog I would like to tell you about all the best concentrate vaporizers available on the market in 2024!

The Best Dab Rigs 2024
Dab rigs have increased in popularity in this last year of 2023 and the number of options are endless. Due to the large variety of options, it can be difficult to find a unit that you can be sure will satisfy your vape needs and preferences; well, worry no more. We wanted to make your life easier.

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2024 : Reviews & Buyer's Guide
In the last year, there has been many new vaporizers shaking up the industry. We at Herbalize Store have reviewed some of the best dry herb vaporizers (both old and new) and put them in what we thought was their strongest category.

The Best Desktop Vaporizers in 2024

The true vape aficionado looks to desktop units when they want to enjoy a truly next level vape experience. So, to help you with this decision, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of some of our favourite desktop vaporizers.

The 10 best Bongs of 2024
Bongs, or “water pipes” if you happen to be reading this story while browsing your local head shop, are a reflection of the magnificent creative spirit that lies within us all. Let´s have a closer look at the best ones 2024.

The 7 Best Weed Grinders 2024

If you’re looking for a great weed grinder, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Today we will look at the best weed grinders 2024 and give you secret grinder tips.

Top 5 Best Vape Batteries for 510 Oil Cartridges 2024

Tested and selected, these are the 5 Best Premium 510 Thread Vape Pen Batteries on the market today.

420 Vaporizer Sale Guide 2024
Our annual 420 vaporizer sale roundup in 2024. Stay tuned to get all the best deals in one place...

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sale 2024
Cyber Monday and Black Friday are creeping up fast. Some of us let it slide by, later resenting people who snagged the same item that we paid three times the price for. What person are you?

Christmas Holiday Vaporizer Sale 2023
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re here to make it the best holiday season yet! We’re holding a huge Christmas Sale just for you, and we want you to get the chance to get all your favourite vaporizers at the best holiday prices ever! 🎄

The Beginner's Guide To Glass Pipes
The pipes have evolved from the older, basic glass hand pipes with a long body and shorter head, rather like the old fashioned tobacco smoking pipes, to the creative and well-crafted designs that we see nowadays.

The Kandy Pens Series
KandyPens have risen in popularity with their series of pen vaporizers. These vapes cover dry herb, concentrate, wax, and basically anything else you'd want to use. Yes this means you need a different pen to use different materials, but the upside is a very sleek, portable vape that's very good at what it does.