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DynaVap M7

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DynaVap M7 vaporizer
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Introducing the next generation Dynavap M, the M7 and new for 2024 is the Dynavap M7 XL featuring their new stainless steel mouthpiece and condenser assembly which is compatible with our current lineup of DynaVap vaporizers.

M7 Features:

  • Finless Tip design keeps your fingers cool, with up to 20% reduction in heat transfer from tip to stem
  • Bigger Rips! The M 7 Tip chamber/bowl has more mass for heat retention and allows users greater control over one hit extractions.
  • Even extraction - The refined distribution of mass in the tip and chamber walls help prevent scorching and hot spots in your material
  • More airflow due to redesigned captive cap fitment and increased convection heating vs previous models
  • The portable vaporizer is available with The "M" XL Condenser Assembly and Mouthpiece XL version
  • Airflow control made simple using the new airport design and “Pivot” style rocker
  • Microdose ready with our “adjust-a-bowl” that reduces chamber/bowl size by half
  • Streamlined design with a textured pattern throughout stem for a pleasant new look and feel
  • Captive Cap engineered to “click” when heated to the optimal vaporization temperature, offering an exceptional user-controlled session

The M vaporizer reinvented

Let's take a closer look at the M series beginning with the tip. The tip features a sharper septicerated slicer to more easily grind your material.

The M7 tip is also has more mass for longer heat retention enabling greater control for one-hit extractions and more time to get those bigger rips. The updated finless tip design keeps your fingers cool with a significant reduction in heat transfer from tip to stem. The redistribution of mass in the tip helps prevent scorching and hot spots in your material making the M7 more forgiving and easy to use for beginners and advanced enthusiasts.

Battery-free vaping

The DynaVap M7 gives you complete control of your sessions with a torch lighter. Aim the torch at the cap and wait for it to ‘click'. It'll click when it's time to vape and again when it's done. The DynaVap M7 truly puts you in the driver's seat of your sessions. Precision and Control with the M7

One of the standout features of the DynaVap M7 is its precision and control when it comes to vaporizing your favorite herbs. The finless tip design not only keeps your fingers cool, but it also helps to reduce heat transfer from the tip to the stem by up to 20%. This means you can enjoy longer and more controlled hits without the worry of burning your material.

The M7's tip and chamber walls are also engineered for even extraction, preventing scorching and hot spots in your material. This ensures a smooth and consistent vapor production, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavors and effects of your herbs.

Improved Airflow and Aesthetic Design

The M7 features a redesigned captive cap fitment and increased convection heating, resulting in better airflow compared to previous models. This improved airflow allows for more efficient and flavorful vaporization, delivering satisfying hits with every draw.

In terms of design, the M7 boasts a streamlined and textured pattern throughout its stem, giving it a fresh and pleasing aesthetic. The enhanced design not only makes it visually appealing but also provides a comfortable grip, making it a joy to use.

Microdosing and Adjustability

For those who prefer to take smaller, controlled hits, the DynaVap M7 is a great option. Its microdosing capabilities allow you to load smaller amounts of your herb, perfect for those who want to conserve their supply or simply prefer a lighter session. The M7's chamber is designed to evenly distribute heat, ensuring that even with a smaller amount of herb, you still get a full and satisfying hit.

Additionally, the DynaVap M7 offers adjustability, allowing you to customize your vaping experience. You can adjust the position of the cap on the tip, which directly affects the temperature at which your herb is heated. This level of control enables you to find your preferred balance of flavor and vapor production.

Durability and Portability

The DynaVap M7 is constructed with high-quality materials and built to last. Made from medical-grade stainless steel, it is resistant to wear and tear, making it a reliable companion for on-the-go vaping. The compact size of the M7, measuring only 92mm in length, makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag, perfect for discreet vaping sessions wherever you may be.

Easy to Use and Maintain

One of the great features of the DynaVap M7 is its simplicity and ease of use. The M7 is a manual dry herb vaporizer, which means it does not require any batteries or electrical components. To use the DynaVap M7, simply load your finely ground herb into the chamber, heat the cap with a torch lighter or induction heater until you hear the distinctive "click" sound, and then take a draw. It's as simple as that!

In terms of maintenance, the DynaVap M7 is also incredibly easy to clean. The stainless steel construction allows for easy removal and cleaning of the components. You can use the included cleaning brush to remove any residual herb particles and simply rinse the parts with warm water. This ensures that your DynaVap M7 consistently delivers clean and flavorful vapor.

Compatibility and Accessories

Another advantage of the DynaVap M7 is its compatibility with other DynaVap accessories. The M7 is compatible with all DynaVap stems, interchangeable mouthpieces, and even accessories like the DynaCoil for concentrate use. This allows you to customize and upgrade your DynaVap M7 to suit your preferences.

Additionally, the M7 can be used with both butane torch lighters and induction heaters, giving you

the flexibility to choose your preferred heating method. This makes the DynaVap M7 versatile and adaptable to different vaping preferences.

Furthermore, DynaVap offers a range of accessories that enhance the overall vaping experience. For example, the Fat Mouthpiece accessory allows for a more comfortable and secure grip, while the DynaStash provides a convenient and stylish way to store and carry your DynaVap M7. These accessories not only enhance functionality but also add a touch of personalization to your vaping setup.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of the DynaVap M7 is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional vaporizers that require constant battery replacements or charging, the M7 operates solely on heat, eliminating the need for any additional power source. This not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces waste associated with disposable batteries.

Additionally, the DynaVap M7 is an eco-friendly option for vaping enthusiasts. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability, allowing for long-term use without the need for frequent replacements or upgrades. This not only reduces electronic waste but also minimizes the environmental impact typically associated with electronic devices.

Benefits of using Dynavap?

  • Durability: Built to last a lifetime, the M 7 is crafted from medical grade stainless steel right here in the USA.
  • Flavor Explosion: Take your terpenes to a new high. Enjoy flavor like you've never tasted before in your herb of choice.
  • Eliminate Combustion: Go smoke free. Once you try a DynaVap vaporizer, you enter a smoke-free world of enjoyment. Thermal Extraction = Total Satisfaction.
  • Discreet, Portable, & Modular: Our vaporizers fit right in your pocket and can be enjoyed while doing most any activity.
  • Stretch your Herb: DynaVap vaporizers use much less (>50%) of your material, all while producing high level results.
  • Battery Free: No battery or charger required. All you need is a heat source, such as a torch or lighter, and you are all set.

Inside the tip is our featured adjustable option, which reduces the bowl size by half. The M7 stem features a streamlined design with a textured pattern throughout for a mesmerizing new look and feel. The wide taper on the M7 stem will mate with 10 millimeter ground glass fittings. Airflow control is still simple and intuitive on the M7 using the airport and a pivot style rocker to keep your fingers in place.

M 7 Parts

  • DynaVap's Signature Captive Cap
  • Stainless Steel Tip: M 7
  • Stainless Steel CCD (Screen)
  • High Temp O-Rings (2)
  • Stainless Steel Stem: M 7 (Standard)
  • Stainless Steel Condenser
  • Condenser O-Rings (2)


In conclusion, the M7 with its innovative updates and competitive price points will provide you with flavorful hits without draining your wallet. Dynavap M7: A Flavorful and Affordable Vaping Experience. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, this vaporizer is crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring its longevity. The battery free indestructible design, low cost and performance is what sets the M7 apart from other vaporizers on the market.

Get your new M7 by DynaVap today and taste the difference!

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