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Zenco Flow Glass

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zenco flow glass cup
Regular price €81.99 EUR
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What is the Zenco Flow Glass

The Zenco Flow Glass is one of the 2 interchangeable glass pieces for the Zenco Flow and Zenco Duo. This glass piece is known as water glass because you are able to use the smoothness of water-filter vapour, giving you an enjoyable experience when it comes to vaping. The design of the Zenco Flow and Zenco Duo glass pieces gives an aesthetic like no other and doesn't come as an eye sore.

The Zenco Flow Glass allows you to enjoy the tastefulness of your vapour and gives you the option to let thick vapour that would be quite harsh be a lot smoother with this feature. This gives you more options when it comes to using both the Zenco Flow and Zenco Duo.

The Zenco Flow Glass cup is dishwasher-safe glass, so you won't have to worry about any accidents when it comes to effortless cleaning.

This glass piece is compatible with both the Zenco Duo and Zenco Flow

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