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XVape Fog Pro

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XVape Fog Pro
Regular price €124.45 EUR
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XVape Fog Pro - The Latest 2024 Vaporizer Tech

The XVape Fog Pro is one of the newest and most upgraded lines of products made by the notorious XVape, it not only has a bigger and better battery but its heat-up time is faster. The XVape Fog Pro comes with the newest standard of charging with a fast USB-C charging port.

The new standard that comes with the XVape Fog Pro, also gives you a choice of customizability, giving the option to select temperatures between 100°C to 220°C. The Fog Pro gives you the choice of using either dry herbs or concentrates (wax cup included). With this being one of the most updated units on the market, you will find that the heating chamber brings full and flavourful hits.

If you are looking for a new device that uses the convection method of heating while keeping it easy to use and dependable. The XVape Fog Pro is right for you!


The XVape Fog Pro design is quite compact, with a size of 4.4 x 2.6 x 10cm. The device is quite lightweight, weighing just over 200g making it feel sturdy. What makes this device powerful is its new battery (3200mAh) which is completely removable and replaceable and is also compatible with a 18650 battery.

The outer casing of the device is made from anodized aluminium which helps the device stay more durable while making the device look slicker. The top is easily removable with its magnetic design. The detachable top is made from Zirconia Ceramic. The unit also comes with a built-in stirring tool to help with airflow when needing to loosen up the chamber.

With the device being new it also comes with haptic feedback that vibrates the unit when the selected temperature has been reached.

Latest Heating Technology

The XVape Fog Pro uses its own latest convection heating technology to amplify and conserve the flavours with either dry-herb or concentrates. Convection technology means that hot air flows through the selected material before reaching the isolated air path that reaches the mouthpiece.

This technology in conjunction with the large and mighty battery makes the unit a real enjoyable vaporizer. It can take just 20 seconds until the device is heated and produces vapour.

The useability improvements allow you to adjust the choice of temperatures which are between 100°C to 220°C compared to the last version of the device which did not give you such each, even allowing you to pinpoint accuracy with single degree adjustment.

OLED Screen

The XVape Fog Pro comes with an OLED display that makes the use of the device so much easier. With the display, you are able to monitor adjustments to temperatures, adjust the session timer and see battery life. Besides the display is 2 buttons which allow you to easily switch between setting

Although the design of the XVape Fog Pro is compact, the display is quite easily readable.


The battery used is a 3200mAh and is completely removable in case there are issues with the battery, which tends to be the leading issue with most vaporizers with many not allowing this option, it is also compatible with the use of 18650 batteries. The new USB-C charging port allows the device to charge quicker.

What's in the Box:

  • XVape Fog Pro
  • Cleaning set (brush and wipes)
  • USB- C cable
  • Mouthpiece and chamber screen
  • Concentrate pad
  • User Manual


Size: 4,4 × 2,6 × 10,0 cm
Weight: 205g
Heating Method: Convection
Heat-up time: 15 seconds
Battery (3200 mAh)
Temperature Range: 100°C to 220°C
Manufacturer: XMax / XVape
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Country of manufacture: China

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