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XMax Daboo Nectar Collector

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XMax Daboo Nectar Collector
Regular price €48.99 EUR
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The Daboo from XMAX offers a high-quality dabbing experience with features like 510-thread cartridges, porous quartz atomizer, and an integrated glass water bubbler.

The Daboo is an option to consider if you're interested in a nectar collector, all at an affordable price.

Ready to dive into a flavor-filled cloud adventure?

The Daboo is a nectar collector wax pen with a unique integrated bubbler and USB-C charging. It is known for its vapor quality and smooth flavor. Let's dive in and discover more about this unique electric nectar collector.

Experience the magic of XMAX Daboo with its features:

  • 510-thread cartridge compatible
  • Instant vaporization Glass vapor path
  • On-demand mode
  • Draw activation or Pre-heated modes
  • Integrated glass water bubbler
  • USB-C charging with 650mAh battery
  • Powerful cloud production

XMAX Daboo Quartz Coil

The nectar collector is a type of Concentrate Vaporizer with the coil or atomizer on the opposite end of the mouthpiece. The Daboo features a porous quartz atomizer for collecting your dab before vaporizing it. It offers three temperature settings to choose from. The higher settings provide quicker hits, while the lowest setting is better for relaxed sessions.

Heating Options & Temperature Colors:

285℃/545℉ Blue

320℃/608℉ Green

360℃/680℉ Red

Is it Portable?

The Daboo has an ergonomic shape designed for easy holding. The size is mainly from the mouthpiece/bubbler that sticks out above the body. When not in use, you can remove, empty, and store the bubbler in its box. Consider using a vape case for convenient storage and travel for your dabs and other vapes.

Is the XMAX Daboo Well Built & Designed?

The quality of the Daboo can be determined by examining the glass component, as it plays a crucial role in its functionality. Initial inspection shows that the glass is well-made and without any visible damage, indicating a high level of attention to detail and quality control in the production process.

The 510 threading on the device is functional, not particularly smooth but not difficult to use either. The overall housing of the device appears to be well-built with no gaps, and it feels solid in hand even without the glass section. There is a slight sharp edge near the top, but it's not something that will affect regular use as it is against the glass insert. This minor detail is worth noting, but it should not be a major concern.

What concentrates can you use?

The coil gets very hot, allowing you to melt any type of concentrate. However, it's best to avoid using large amounts to prevent waste. As mentioned before, the Daboo can also be used with pre-filled cartridges.

How to use XMAX Daboo?

1. Charge the device using the included USB-C cable until fully charged.

2. Remove the glass bubbler from the device and fill it with water for a smoother vaping experience.

3. Screw in your preferred 510-thread cartridge or load your concentrate onto the porous quartz atomizer.

4. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.

To use the XMAX Daboo vaporizer, simply press the power button five times to turn it on. Choose your preferred temperature setting by clicking the same button three times. Once you've loaded your concentrate onto the quartz atomizer or attached your cartridge, inhale through the mouthpiece to enjoy a flavorful and potent vapor hit.

For maintenance, make sure to clean the device regularly to prevent clogging and ensure optimal performance. Simply disassemble the Daboo and clean the parts with isopropyl alcohol or warm water. Let them dry completely before reassembling the device for future use.

Overall, the XMAX Daboo nectar collector offers a convenient and flavorful dabbing experience for concentrate enthusiasts. With its unique features like the integrated bubbler and USB-C charging, it's a versatile option for those looking to enjoy their concentrates on the go.

XMAX Daboo Vapor Quality

The dab pen allows for different voltage settings, resulting in varying melting speeds. However, the vapor produced tends to be on the hotter side. The bubbler holds minimal water and doesn't provide much heat transfer, leading to a harsh experience for the throat. Despite this, the device generates thick vapor, ideal for those who enjoy dense clouds. Flavor is lacking even on low voltage, making it more suitable for cloud-chasers. The vapor quality remains consistent whether in draw-activated or preheat mode.

What's in the XMAX Daboo box?

x1 Daboo Nectar Collector Wax Pen Vaporizer

x2 O-rings

x1 USB-C Charging Cable

x1 Owner's User Manual

Final summery of the Daboo Vaporizer

In conclusion, the XMAX Daboo Nectar Collector offers a top-notch dabbing experience with its advanced features and sleek design. The 510-thread cartridge compatibility allows for easy use with a variety of concentrates materials, while the porous quartz atomizer ensures quick and efficient vaporization. The integrated glass water bubbler provides smooth hits for an enjoyable session.

Overall, the XMAX Daboo offers a premium dabbing experience with its innovative features and affordable price point.

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