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Meet the SMONO DAB Pen

If you’re a fan of dabbing—but you don’t want to invest in an entire rig—the SMONO DAB pen is a versatile, user-friendly dab device that provides an efficient(and inconspicuous) way to enjoy your favourite extracts wherever you are. As if that weren’t enough to recommend it, the Smono DAB is also one of the most affordable concentrate vaporizers on the market today. 

The slim, elegant design of the Smono DAB is eye-catching even for a vape pen, and the high quality metal finish makes this device extra-durable. At a price matched by few other competitors on the market, the Smono DAB might be one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy concentrates we’ve ever seen in the United Kingdom.

Smono DAB Key Features

Since the Smono DAB is so small, you won’t find features like an OLED screen or adjustable temperature settings. However, it does have a lot of other perks to offer:

1. Design

The stainless steel housing of the Smono DAB makes the device look more like an iPencil than a vaporizer. On the inside, the build is just as good, with a streamlined vapour path that allows for excellent air flow and tasty vapor. 

2. One Button Control

The Smono DAB can be mastered in a matter of minutes, thanks to the simple one button control system. Simply press the button to turn on the device, and press it again to take a hit. For extended sessions, hit the power button twice to ‘preheat’ the device and then pass it around once it’s ready.

3. Dual Functionality

While you can’t use dry herb with the Smono DAB, you do have several options for vaping concentrates. The first is known as ‘Classic’ mode, in which a small amount of concentrate is added to the ceramic chamber. The second is called ‘Nectar Collector,’ which uses the concentrate tip like a dab nail for extra-huge rips. 

4. Automatic Shut Off

If you have a habit of getting sleepy or distracted during a vape session (we’ve all been there), you’ll appreciate this feature of the Smono DAB. After ten seconds of inactivity, the device will automatically shut off to conserve both battery life and your material. 

5. Easy Cleaning

To clean the Smono DAB pen, all you need is a cotton swab and a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Unscrew the top, remove any excess material from the oven chamber, and then give it a mild rubbing. No extra steps or complex cleaning equipment required.

6. USB Charging

The SMONO Dab comes with a micro USB charging port that’s compatible with any micro USB cable or charger. This makes it ideal for those who are prone to losing certain accessories.

Who Should Buy the Smono DAB Pen?

The Smono DAB has earned a loyal legion of fans around the world for its easy functionality and attractive design. If one or more of the following descriptions apply to you, you might have found your next vaporizer:

  1. People who love dabbing. In recent years, dabbing has become popular thanks to its intense effects and instantaneous results. But since carting an entire rig around town isn’t usually feasible, a portable vaporizer like the Smono DAB makes dabbing much more accessible.
  2. People who want an affordable vaporizer. The tiny price tag is definitely one of the Smono DAB’s most attractive features—some devices can cost ten times as much, even though they have similar functionality. 
  3. People who often vape in public. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the occasional vape session in the middle of a crowded square, the Smono DAB is for you. Small and elegant, it won’t attract a second look when you pull it out of your pocket. 

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What’s in the Box

Smono DAB Pen

Quartz Oil Chamber

Concentrate Tip

Dabbing Tool

Cleaning Utensil 

USB Charger

Technical Specifications

Compatible With:


Adjustable Temperature:


Inhalation Method:

Direct Draw


Stainless Steel

Heat Up Time:

Under 2 seconds

Power Source:

Lithium Ion Battery



Made In:


Information sourced from Smono.

**For legal use only

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