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Puffco Proxy Joystick Cap

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Color: Black
Proxy Joystick Cap Black
Regular price €47.99 EUR
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Proxy Joystick Cap

Compatible with the Proxy Chamber for optimal performance. The Proxy Joystick Cap is designed for optimal performance, providing precise 360º directional airflow for consistent heating. Made of high-quality, shatterproof stainless steel and silicone, this cap is durable and easy to clean. It also prevents reclaim from interfering with your flow, making your vaping experience more enjoyable. Additionally, its fidget-friendly design adds an extra element of fun.


The product's function offers an enjoyable experience. The Proxy Joystick Cap features precision-cut airholes that optimize airflow for increased heating accuracy, larger vapor clouds, and enhanced flavor. Its design is reminiscent of a dab controller, thus the moniker.


Reduce mess and stress with ease. A reimagined design eliminates spaces where residue can accumulate, preventing stickiness from interrupting your session. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Puffco Proxy Joystick Cap

**For legal use only

*Proxy base unit not included

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