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Omura S1 Vaporizer

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Colour: Black + 2 x 12 Flower Sticks
Omura S1 Black with Flowersticks
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Omura S1 Vaporizer

We might have just found a new portable style.

Omura are innovators of dry herb technology. With this new Series 1 model, they have excelled in both convenience and sustainability simultaneously.

The Omura S1 Vaporizer is not your average vape. It has a  brand new innovative approach to vaporizing which we'll break down for you. It's ideal for dry herb newcomers, but it provides an elegant and curated experience for all you vape connoisseurs out there too. If you're looking for a vaporizer that's user-friendly, eco-friendly, and packed with high-quality performance, then the Omura S1 might just be perfect for you!

Features and details

The Omura S1 is different from a lot of dry herb vaporizers out there – and for good reason. Omura have come up with such an incredibly innovative vaporizing method packed into a modern, pleasant and comfortable to use device. Let's go into more depth by looking at each of the features Omura has crammed into this sleek little vape. 


The Omura S1 has a nice industrial design, sporting a body made of brushed aluminium and a stainless-steel interior oven. It features one power button layout on the interface, which is all you need, as the rest is pre-set for you. There are 3 LED lights to communicate the heating mode and battery status. The Omura S1, like many new vapes on the market, comes with haptic feedback to the unit – keeping you informed of session times and mode swaps. A feature we welcome to all vapes.

Omura S1 Body Design


Aesthetically, the Omura S1 is slick. It's very modern, stylish, and sleek. It looks more like a fashion accessory than your average dry herb vaporizer – much more slender than other larger portable models like the Crafty Plus or Pax 3.

Technically speaking, the Omura S1 is a vape-pod / cartridge and resembles a vape pen with a clever twist. You can easily carry the S1 anywhere in your pocket or bag. With the general size of the device, you can effortlessly bring this vape with you anywhere with little to no hassle when you're on the go.

Omura S1 Button Style

Minimal vapour and Zero combustion

Omura certainly has an eye for detail and quality.

In simple terms, combustion is like cooking something over a flame. Naturally, this can result in some areas cooking more than others, with some parts getting burnt. But Omura claims that their design doesn't let any herb whatsoever get overcooked or burnt, so you get the benefit of the entire flower, whilst keeping the taste and quality consistent.

The S1 also features a Special Dual Heat source oven system,

Allowing for a well-balanced performance. The well-thought-out engineering from Omura enhances precision, balance, and taste for users – giving a more open profile for flavour chasers out there.

Omura S1 Oven Stick


Omura is a unique model because it uses flower sticks, which are biodegradable and compostable. The product as a whole is Recyclable, which makes this a leader in the eco-friendly vape community. It's a Sustainable dry herb vaporizer. All packaging is plant-based and Omura uses Rainforest Safe paper.

It's a conscious step forward in leading accountability and environmentally friendly products, which we feel is very respectable and the way forward for the future of vaping.

Omura Flowerstick

Precise Dosing

The Omura S1 allows precise and controlled experience for the novice or everyday user. The S1 has great airflow, and even though 1 stick equals approximately one-tenth of a gram of dry herb, it lasts a full 3-minute cycle and still packs a punch. This gives the user control over usage and helps ration to their liking with this dosing method.

How to Use the Omura S1

The good news is that the Omura S1 is very easy and comfortable to use – if you have a busy lifestyle, it will save you plenty of time:

1. Squeeze your flower stick box on either side. Push down on one side of your stick to pop it out.

2. Insert the stick flower side down.  Then, for the S1, hold down the button until you hear the vibration. It takes about 20 seconds to warm up.

3. Allow this to complete. Then you will feel a second vibration. All 3 lights will illuminate once it's ready.

4. You're ready! Your Omura S1 is ready for a 3-minute session/cycle.

Is the Omura S1 Right for You?

Finding a vape that perfectly fits your needs is a special thing. The Omura S1 might be the one for you if you require a device which meets these criteria:

The Omura S1 is about total simplicity. It's as easy as it gets, and with automatic temperature settings and precise dosing, Omura provide everything required for a quick session at the click of a single button.

Omura is wholly focused on convenience. The S1 is as easy to prepare as any oil vape on the market. In fact, It bridges the gap between herb and oil. Plus, you don’t even have to clean this vaporizer. It's hygienic without you having to do any work, eliminating one of the most tedious parts associated with dry vaporizing.

All these design decisions for convenience leads us to this important point.

The S1 is Great for Time management. Why?

Less preparation.  It's simply always ready.

Imagine you have some short breaks from your busy work schedule. In that case, you require a vape that’s quick and easy, that charges efficiently and doesn't need preparation or cleaning. The Omura S1 checks all of these boxes, and no other vape comes to mind which can say the same.

All of this gives you more flexibility in your busy schedule, and the S1 takes up no precious time grinding dry herb, preparing or cleaning.

Overall, investing in this product buys you more time.

What can you vape with the Omura S1

The Omura S1 uses biodegradable flower sticks which are pre-packed and super easy to use. The Flower sticks come in measured doses. Simply click them into your device, and they're ready to use. Once the stick cycle is finished, you can dispose of them, being made from fully compostable material. It has never been easier.


Yes! The Omura S1 is Super Portable, discreet and stylish. A lovely accessory to the vaping lifestyle that feels like an extension of yourself. Its petite body is pocket-sized and perfect for going anywhere.

Omura present refined design here – An accessory that fits into the fashion world and suits busy professionals who are on the go and also looking for a quality experience whilst having a well-deserved moment to themselves.

If you enjoy the elegant things in life, that are eco-friendly and also taste great, then you'll love one of these devices. It's so slick and compact, I can already see one appearing in a future Bond film.

If you're indoors and around people who don't like second-hand smoke, then the Omura S1 might just be perfect. It's very subtle because its vapour dissipates with next to no smell, which is ideal if you don’t want it to draw any negative attention. In other words, it has a nice balance of being stylish and discreet.

What's the battery and temperature settings like?

Omura haven't forgotten the fundamentals of what makes a portable vape viable, and even with this brand-new method, still gives you everything you'd expect from a dry herb vaporizer.


The temperature is pre-set, which does gives you fewer options when it comes to control, but ensures zero combustion – making sure all the flavour from the flower sticks is provided to the user. This is one reason why it's so easy and beginner-friendly, you don't have to think about what specific degree you need to set your device to.

It's convenient and works beautifully – and as someone who loves to set my exact temperature for X type of herb or Y type of concentrate, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything here.

How long does the battery last?

The Omura S1 battery lasts approximately 12 cycles, which may not sound like much initially, but when you factor in that it is essentially a full pack of flower sticks, then it is an ideal time to charge up anyway – and the trade-off means you get to have an incredibly portable device, a deal I will take every day of the week.

Does it have a warranty?

Indeed, Omura are committed to taking care of you and your needs. Should you have any issues with your device, the Omura S1 comes with a 3-year warranty. A very competitive and fair warranty when compared to other vaporizer devices on the market.

The Final Verdict on Omura S1

The Omura S1 is striving for perfection. You will be hard-pressed to find such a well-balanced, user-friendly portable vaporizer. The comfort this vape provides is second to none. It's affordable, it's friendly to the environment, and it just works.

If you're looking for sheer convenience, ease of use and portability in one, then the Omura S1 dry herb vaporizer is for you.

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