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Focus Vape Pro S Vaporizer

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Focus Vape Pro S Vaporizer Black
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Meet the Focusvape Pro Vaporizer

The Focusvape Pro is a sturdy, versatile portable vaporizer that offers uncommon versatility for such a small device. Not only is it compatible with many accessories, it features full temperature controls, the ability to vape almost any material under the sun, and a replaceable 18650 battery so you can customise every vape session to your exact preferences.

The Focusvape Pro is also an ideal device for those who like to discreetly vape whilst on the go, thanks to its slender design and unassuming profile. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to experiment with everything the vaping world has to offer—or a longtime pro who wants a multipurpose backup device to add to your kit—the Focusvape Pro offers a huge range of functionality in an affordable package.

Focusvape Pro Key Features

The Focusvape Pro is more than a dry herb vaporizer: it’s a portable vaping powerhouse that can be upgraded in a huge number of ways. But even the base model is nothing to scoff at—here’s what you should know about this device: 

1. Design

The Focusvape Pro is large and sturdy for a vape pen, though it doesn’t have the bulky body of other portable vapes. It also has a unique exterior, with a metal frame covered by an imitation leather coating that makes the device easy to grip and hold. A borosilicate glass mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber mean the device performs as good as it looks. 

2. Precision Temperature Settings

The Focusvape Pro comes with a range of preset temperature settings from 80 C to 240 C. The temperature can be selected easily by using the two control buttons beneath the display screen, or you can switch to a higher temperature by pressing the power button twice—perfect when you’ve only got one hand to operate your device.

3. Adjustable Airflow

Some people like to take huge rips, whilst others prefer more delicate microdoses, and the Focusvape Pro can accommodate both thanks to its adjustable airflow. The airflow can be enlarged or restricted by thirds, giving a vastly different flavour and potency depending on your preferences. 

4. OLED Display

The large, bright display screen of the Focusvape Pro is located on the side of the device, and provides real time updates on the device’s temperature and battery life. It also displays the desired temperature, so you can see exactly how long you’ve got to wait before you’re ready for your next session.

5. Multiple Accessories 

True vape enthusiasts will appreciate that the Focusvape Pro Premium comes with a water bubbler, but that’s not the only accessory available for the device. You can also pick up oil and wax cartridges, herb bullets, water pipe adapters, and a range of other accessories that help expand the versatility of your vape. 

Who Should Buy the Focusvape Pro?

The affordable price tag of the Focusvape Pro means that it’s well suited for vapers of all backgrounds. But despite its low price, it also offers a range of features that are typically seen only on more expensive devices. It’s hard to imagine a vaper who wouldn’t enjoy the Focusvape Pro, though it’s especially good for:

  • People who want to customise their vaping experience. The wide range of accessories might be the most obvious appeal, but the replaceable battery, adjustable airflow, and custom temperature settings make it even easier to personalise every session.
  • People who appreciate a sturdy vape. The metal body of the Focusvape Pro means it’s able to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. Plus, the grip-friendly coating means that drops and spills are less likely to happen in the first place. 
  • People who like vaping all types of materials. Although the Focusvape Pro is designed to be used with dry herb, picking up affordable accessories like the oil and wax cartridge allows you to use the device with whatever material strikes your fancy on a given day.

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What’s in the Box

Focusvape Pro S Vaporizer

LG/Samsung 3200mAh Battery 

Replacement Mouthpiece

USB Cable

Mouthpiece Sieve Set (3pc)


Chamber Tamper

4x Alcohol Wipes

Operating Instructions 

Technical Specifications

Adjustable temperature

Yes (Presets)


Haptic Feedback (Vibration)




Dry Herb, Concentrates, Oils


Adjustable Draw Control

Heating Chamber Material


Heating Coil Material

Titanium Wrapped Ceramic

inhalation Method




Power Source

3200mAh Battery

Temperature control


Vaporization method


Information sourced from Focusvape.

**For legal use only

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