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DynaStash XL

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DynaStash XL

The DynaStash XL was carefully designed and manufactured to offer the best portable vape experience for XL or XLS DynaVap vaporizer users. This storage accessory was made to be used with all DynaVap 109mm vaporizers and is compatible with all XL and XLS units. The DynaStash XL is one of the best vape storage units on the market and was made to offer ease of use and flawless portable functionality.

Build Quality

Like all DynaVap products, the DynaStash XL was designed and crafted with the smallest details in mind and was made to satisfy all of users vape needs. It is not the first vape storage unit on the market, but it definitely is one of the highest quality units on the market. From the moment you lay eyes on the DynaStash XL, you will see the detail, time and effort that was placed in to its build and we believe you will fall in love instantly!

The DynaStash XL’s body is crafted from the highest quality of American Hardwood and boasts a compact, detailed design. It's gorgeous wood body was not only made to look gorgeous however. The DynaStash XL, like other DynaVap units, was designed to last far in to the future, offer flawless functionality and withstand years of use. This is all thanks to the quality of materials used and the attention to detail placed in each part of its build.


The DynaStash XL is completely unique when compared to other vape storage units on the market, and this is due to the fact that it safely stores not only the vaporizers itself, but also materials. Built in to its body, the DynaStash XL has a removable silicone container that is made to hold concentrates, oils wax and more sticky materials! Once you pack this silicone container with your favourite materials, you simply pop it back into place and your ready to take it on the go!

This awesome accessory does not only have a silicone storage compartment for concentrates but also boast a compartment for dry herbs! The DynaStash XL’s box-like body has 2 ‘slots’ or compartments; one is for all XL or XLS (109mm) DynaVap vaporizers and the other is for dry herbs. This smart compartment holds an impressive amount of materials and will give you the chance to pack materials safely in your DynaStash XL and enjoy a portable vape experience like never before.

DynaStash XL’s features don’t stop there, with its incredible storage compartments. A great addition to this unit is its super strong, built-in magnet. This powerful magnet is displayed beautifully on the side of the DynaStash XL’s body and is meant to add to the ease of use and functionality of your vape unit. When you place the DynaStash XL on a flat surface, you are able to place you DynaVap vaporizer in a straight up stance and keep it ready to be used.

The strong integrated magnet can be used in many different ways and is truly one of the highlights of this quality storage accessory. When you would like to prepare your materials and want to keep your unit safe for example, simply place it on the magnet and it will stay exactly where you leave it. If you would like to cool your unit, you can leave it cooling on the magnet. You can also use the magnet to display your gorgeous DynaVap vaporizer at your vape sessions!

Portability & Discreetness

The DynaStash XL was designed to offer DynaVap vaporizer users the absolute best portable vape experience. Due to the fact that you can keep all your materials packed safely in to this unit and keep your vaporizer tucked in its place, it makes vaping on the go easier and more enjoyable. No more putting materials in old newspapers or searching for a place to put your concentrates, this unit has it all. That’s why this unit is so recommendable for those that love vaping on the go; it makes life easier and vaping easier.

The DynaStash XL has a simple yet elegant design that is more like a work of art than a dry herb vape accessory. It does not draw attention to the user, for it has a compact size and a minimalistic design. You can feel confident that taking the DynaStash XL on the go will allow you to enjoy a stress-free vape experience.

Ease of Use

Everything about the DynaStash XL is easy to understand. All you have to do to enjoy the DynaStash XL is choose your favourite materials, pack both the dry herb storage compartment and the silicone concentrates storage compartment; grab your DynaVap XL or XLS and pack everything safely and neatly in to this unit, then you’re good to go! The DynaStash XL doesn’t have any complicated features or functions and simply makes vaping fun, easy and stress-free.

Who is the DynaStash XL Perfect For?

The DynaStash XL was designed specifically to house all DynaVap XL or XLS that are 109 mm in length, meaning that it is perfect for those models of vaporizers. If you own or are thinking of getting an amazing DynaVap XL or XLS, this unit is definitely for you. The DynaStash XL will offer you portability, discreetness, and give you the chance to enjoy your DynaVap vaporizer to the fullest extent by keeping all your materials and your vape unit together in one convenient place.

Technical Specifications

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All XL & XLS (109mm) DynaVap Vaporizers

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