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The New DaVinci IQC

This new addition to the DaVinci arsenal brings a refreshing look to the DaVinci brand. The portable IQC owes its success to its predecessor, the IQ2, incorporating appropriate adjustments to this new model, providing a more updated vaping method.

DaVinci’s upgrades allow you to explore the new zirconia flavour chamber, a range of temperatures to choose from and different heating modes to compliment. If you want to be ultra-precise, the all-new precision mode might be just for you!

DaVinci IQC Features


The DaVinci IQC dry herb vaporizer looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The LED grid on the front of the device indicates what temperature settings the device is set to with haptic feedback through vibration. The Zirconia flavour chamber keeps everything neat and tidy whilst taking advantage of the new sealed vapour path, giving maximum taste with no distractions. The patented Sharesafe™ mouthpiece provides big vapour draw in a sleek and efficient manor. All in all, the DaVinci IQC is a well-designed pleasure to use device.

DaVinci IQC Features Design

The New Zirconia Airpath

With the DaVinci IQC, you should expect a uniquely designed airpath sealed with zirconia and glass. This means any plastics or metal are unable to hinder your tastes or flavours when vaping! With no contact with any silicone or plastics, the IQC gives a new taste to vaping, whilst keeping the airflow 100% safe and isolated.

DaVinci IQC Sealed Vapour Airpath

Glass Lined Ceramic Heating Oven

The IQC vaporizer uses a glass-lined alumina ceramic oven that gives pinpoint accuracy within 1 degree Celsius. This allows you to be ultra-precise in the precision mode, giving you the control you seek whilst keeping the controls simple and intuitive. The alumina ceramic chamber allows experimentation with different tastes using different modes such as the smart path mode if you are seeking more robust flavours.

DaVinci IQC Ceramic Chamber Heating

Removable Battery

The DaVinci IQC uses a type 1865 replaceable battery with 3000mAh of power. This battery hold up holds up. It can be replaced easily instead of having to get a new unit or wait on your device to be fixed by the manufacturer. Empowering you to take full advantage of looking after the device.

The battery allows the user to have a session time just shy of 2 hours. This is perfect for when you take it on the go, not having to worry about charging. You can easily check the battery by using the buttons on the device, which gives haptic vibration feedback when the device is at 10% capacity.

DaVinci IQC Battery Removeable

USB-C Charging

The DaVinci IQC features a new USB-C charging port which charges the device a lot faster than the older generations of mini USB.  This is a very nice addition which adds versatility and convenience to the portable experience.

DaVinci IQC Charger USBC

App Availability

DaVinci’s new app works for both iOS and Android - allowing the user to use the web-based application on smartphones and tablets for when you are on the move. This enables you to make custom precise adjustments and settings whilst organising them with your desired name. 

Who is the DaVinci IQC for?

The kind of people who buy DaVinci IQC are looking for a vape that perfectly fits their needs in every form factor from style to functionality:

1. You want a portable vape: This vape isn't just portable, it's also durable. The robust alumina ceramic heating oven is capable of tackling any temperature you throw at it, all whilst being in a neat and tidy package which slips into any pocket.

2. You want accuracy and control in your device: With the DaVinci app you can have much more control over your vape than a device which has no connectivity. With the precision mode you are in complete control of your flavour to a pinpoint degree of accuracy.

3. You need a long-lasting battery: The DaVinci IQC's removeable, rechargeable 3000 mAh battery packs quite the punch in such a tidy package. Lasting just shy of 2 hours of vaping session time, this device is perfect for taking out and about on the go without having to worry about it dying every other session.

4. You want a stylish, discreet device:  The sleek design, attractive colour options and LED grid of the DaVinci IQC is something akin to a modern smartphone or classy car. The hand-feel and tactile buttons make the DaVinci IQC a pleasure to operate all within a discreet device. 

Using the DaVinci IQC's modes

The DaVinci IQC dry herb vaporizer has 3 easily accessed modes which can be used for different vaping applications:

Smart Mode. Allows the device to be placed into four different settings, each gradually increasing in temperature. The settings have names such as 'flavour' which starts at 176°C and finishes at 188°C. There are three other modes: Mind, Body and Rest, each starting at different temperatures and gradually getting hotter for a different experience.

Precision Mode. This mode allows you to be in control of the temperature to within a single degree. Use the power button to cycle through your desired temperature and use this pinpoint-accurate mode to find what suits you best!

Boost Mode. Pressing the power button during your session will allow you to boost up to 210°C. Hold the button for as long as you'd like to take full advantage of a boosted hit.

What's in the Box?

When you receive the DaVinci IQC, what should you expect to get? Here is the list of complete vaping experience necessities you receive with the IQC unit:

  • 1x DaVinci IQC
  • 1x 18650 Battery
  • 2x Stickers
  • 1x Users Manual
  • 1x 10mm Water Adapter
  • 1x Extra Pick Tool
  • 3x Alcohol Wipes
  • 1x Brush Tool
  • 1x 3ft Braided Nylon USB To Type-C Cable

Technical Specifications

 Vaporizes Dry Herb + Pods
Storage capacity 0.5g
Temperature levels 0-221°C (+ or - 1°C)
Initial heating 30 seconds
Heating system Conduction 
Heating chamber material Glass lined alumina ceramic oven
IQC Battery Life 2 hours (3000 mAh battery)
Battery functions Phone charging,
Compatible chargers USB-C
Compatible smartphones IOS and Android + Web App
Other functions LED Grid, Vibration, App with Smart Paths, Stealth Mode, Precision Temperature
IQC Dimensions 4.4cm × 2.5cm × 9,2 cm
IQC Weight 147 grams
IQC Warranty 5 years
Manufacturer DaVinci
Country of manufacture China
This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product. **For legal reasons

The final verdict on DaVinci IQC Vaporizer

If you're looking for a polished and downright handsome device that gives you smooth, yet intense, flavour from your herbs in a pure and clean vapour, the DaVinci IQC is definitely for you. This little Rockstar of a vape both looks the part and performs the part, giving ample battery life to last when you get caught up in day-to-day life. The 5 year warranty and replaceable battery mean you don't have to worry about purchasing a new vape in a few months if something goes wrong. Combining high-tech design with functionality and convenience, this vape is a gem of a device.

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