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CCELL - Go Stik

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Color: Onyx Black
CCELL Go Stik Onyx Black
Regular price €12.00 EUR
Regular price €0.00 EUR Sale price €12.00 EUR

Introducing the CCELL Go Stik 510 Cart Battery to EU - the ultimate easy cartridge vape sensation!

This simple cart battery vape comes in a variety of dazzling colorways, from vibrant pastels to summery gradients. With its anti-slip coating and satisfying matte finish, prepare to elevate your vaping experience to new heights!
  • 2 temperature settings available via slide
  • Wide range of colors
  • Standard 510 thread connection
  • Exceptional anti-slip design
  • Compatible with 510 cartridges of any size
  • Inhale activated effortless vaping
  • Anti-Roll ergonomic design
  • USB-C charging 

Be Stable, Be Secure

The Go Stik is designed with an anti-slip feature that combines an ergonomic shape and matte finish, ensuring stability and preventing accidents such as rolling, slipping, and falling from surfaces. This provides reassurance and eliminates concerns about potential damage to your vape if it were to accidentally roll off the table.

Dimensions: 91.5H x 20W x 15.2D (mm)/ 3.6H x 0.79W x 0.6D (in)

Enjoy The Flavors

Users have the ability to personalize their experience and adjust the balance of flavor and strength with each inhale. They can easily switch between 'flavor' and 'potency' modes using a user-friendly slide switch. Experience the full range of flavors from your preferred oil at a lower temperature, or increase the temperature for stronger hits.

Go Stik Battery Power

Get ready to vape all day long with the powerful in-built 280mAh battery. Experience the thrill of never-ending power with the incredible battery capacity.

Similar to other new products Go Stik offers activated USB-C charging capabilities. This device is designed to make life easier for users, allowing them to charge their devices quickly and conveniently.

For All Cartridge Lovers

The Go Stik is compatible with multiple cartridge options, accommodating different preferences. It facilitates easy attachment of cartridges of 510 sizes and combines style and functionality. Simply insert your favorite cartridge and enjoy perfect balance and smooth vapor.

Settings via slide switch:

2.8V. is more accurate flavor taste

3.2V is used to produce larger and more powerful potent vapor clouds.

Find Peace And Tranquility.

Go Stik battery offers a convenient vaping experience with its advanced draw-to-activate technology. It removes the need for button taps, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. By simply inhaling, Go Stik quickly responds and delivers flavorful vapor from your preferred oil.

If you are looking for a 510 thread battery for oil cartridges with value, draw activation technology and easy voltage settings the Ccell Go Stik is the perfect choice.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Go Stik device
  • 1x Manual & Warranty Card

**No Cartridge included


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