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Arizer Solo 2 Max

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Arizer Solo 2 Max vaporizer glass stem and 14mm Adapter
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Arizer Solo 2 Max Vaporizer

The new Arizer Solo 2 Max might be just the vape upgrade you need in 2024. With its simple OLED screen, user-friendly control panel, and smooth all-glass vapor path, this portable vaporizer will blow your mind. Say goodbye to complicated setups and say hello to a vaping flavor experience like no other. 

The Solo 2 Max features a long glass aroma tube with a seriously powerful battery, plus, this sleek Arizer delivers an excellent vaping experience that keeps going (and going, and going) throughout your whole day. Whether you’re looking for an extended vape session with friends, reach potent vapor with the 14mm water pipe adapter—or maybe a series of microdoses on your own—the Solo 2 Max is up for anything.

Arizer Solo 2 Max Key Features

The Solo 2 Max is a device that may appear simple at first glance, similar to the Solo 2. However, upon closer examination, you will discover its large OLED display, which conveniently indicates both the battery level and temperature setting. Additionally, it is equipped with various nice improvements and advanced features.

Design & Original Glass Pod System

The Solo 2 Max has a stainless steel carbon black body. It is very durable. The OG Arizer Glass Aroma Tubes are made of pure borosilicate glass. They are known for their exceptional taste when using dry herbs. The Solo 2 Max also includes a water pipe adapter. Inside Solo 2 Max, there is a ceramic heating element and a combined ceramic/stainless steel oven. The glass vapor path cools the vapor and enhances the flavor. All indicate that this is another high quality vaporizer from the Canadian Company.

Arizer Solo 2 Max Water Pipe adapter

Quick Heating

The Solo 2 Max heats up in under 30 seconds thanks to its new hybrid convection/conduction heating system—making it one of the fastest devices in its price range.

Session Timer & Dark Mode

One of the standout features of this device is its session timer, which allows users to customize their vaping experience.

The session timer on the Arizer Solo 2 Max Vaporizer enables users to set the duration of their vaping sessions according to their preferences. This feature ensures that users can have consistent and controlled sessions without any guesswork. Whether you prefer shorter or longer sessions, the session timer lets you tailor your vaping experience to suit your needs.

Dark mode is a feature that is also available on the Air MAX. To activate it, hold the center and down button. Dark mode provides a more straightforward interface, with fewer controls. It is designed for those who want a stealthy vaping experience. In dark mode, the display has smaller icons instead of a big bright screen. To switch back to normal mode, hold the down button and the central button. The device will automatically turn off when your session is done, based on your session timer. Alternatively, you can manually turn it off by holding the central button.

Arizer 2 Solo Max Dark Mode

Auto Shut-Off Feature

When you start vaping with your Solo 2 Max, you have the option to set your session time for anywhere between 5-15 minutes. That way, if you somehow become distracted in the middle of a chill session, you won’t have to worry about your herb getting scorched.

Arizer Solo 2 Max Screen Temperature

Pass-Through-Charging & Battery

The Solo 2 Max has one of the best internal batteries out there, with three hours of continuous use. But even when it runs out, you don’t have to stop your session—with improved USB-C Charging you can keep vaping while your device gets its juice back. That's why this vape is a game changer.

Arizer Solo 2 Max USB-C Charging

5 Big Questions About the Solo 2 Max

With its long glass pathway, the distinctive style of the Solo 2 Max raises some questions as soon as you see it, and we’re here to answer them. Here’s some essential questions about the popular vaporizer: 

1. What can you vape with the Solo 2 Max? This is a dry herb vaporizer, with an oven chamber that holds up to 0.2 g of ground herb. If you’re a fan of concentrates you’ll want to look elsewhere, but if you’re an herb person at heart, the Solo 2 Max is the vape for you.

2. Is it portable? Yes, it works if you are on the go, although it’s not quite as slender as a vape pen or other portable vapes due to its extra-large battery (more on that in a bit). Regardless, you’ll have no problem fitting the Solo 2 Max in your pocket and taking it with you on the road.

3. Can you adjust the temperature? The Solo 2 Max features a number of pre-set settings from the manufacturer, and you can also adjust the heat—from 50°-220° C— using the digital temperature control panel on the front of the device for precise temperature control.

4. How long does the battery last? The Arizer Solo 2 Max has one of the best batteries in the game. We're talking about a portable vape, with more than three hours of continuous use.

5. Does it have a warranty? Arizer offers a 2-year warranty on the Solo 2 Max. If your device has a factory defect or an equipment, you can send it back to the company for a refund or exchange.

What is the best way to use the Arizer Solo 2 Max Vaporizer?

The Solo 2 Max is a big hit with vaping beginners because of its remarkable user-friendliness. If you're looking for a simple, solid, practical vape, then this one is a gem. Here are a few tips for getting the most from your device:

1. How to Operate Your Solo 2 Max. Hit the ‘up’ and ‘menu / power button’ buttons on the front of your Solo 2 Max to power it on—when it’s ready you’ll hear the trademark Arizer bleep and then you're good to go. Loading the device is a little different than most vapes, but it couldn’t be easier: just place your herb in the glass aroma tube. Set your temperature, wait for 30 seconds, and by all means, vape away.

2. How to Get the Best Vapor Quality. The Solo 2 Max comes with a number of useful pre-set temperatures, but if you want greater control, you can adjust the heat using the control panel on the front. For superior taste, make sure to keep the glass aroma tube clean which again is simple and easy. To get even smoother and really nice flavor, we recommend using the 14mm water adapter and connect the Solo 2 Max to your favorite glass piece!

3. How to Clean It. The Solo 2 Max is a remarkably low-maintenance device. In fact, you don’t even have to clean the vaporizer itself. Just scrape out any excess debris from the aroma tube, then wipe it down with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. If you're still worried, there's step-by-step guides on how to clean your Solo 2 Max on our website or on YouTube.

How to Know If the Solo 2 Max Is Right for You

The Solo 2 Max is a high-quality device that incorporates many improvements over the original Solo. It has become one of the top-selling vaporizers out there as a result, and if the following statements apply to you, it might be the ideal addition to your kit:

You’re a dry herb enthusiast. The Solo 2 Max was designed specifically for vaping ground herb, and it shows. Whether you’re going for an extended session with friends or a quick hit by yourself.

You appreciate simplicity in your vaporizer. The streamlined dark body, simple loading of the hearing chamber and intuitive controls of the Solo 2 Max are a minimalist’s dream.

You’d rather be hitting your vape than cleaning it. With its extra-long battery life and extra-simple cleaning instructions, the Solo 2 Max is a reliable workhorse of a vaporizer.

Arizer Warranty

The Arizer Solo 2 Max vaporizer comes with an impressive two-year warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase and applies to all components of the device, including the battery, heating element, and glass stem. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or accidental damage.

What´s in the Box?

  • Arizer Solo 2 Max
  • Wall Charger, USB-A to USB-C Cord
  • USB-C Charging cable
  • 110m Glass Aroma Tube + Cap
  • Frosted 14mm Aroma Tube + Cap
  • 2 x PVC Travel Tubes
  • Glass aroma dish
  • Carry Case
  • Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 4 x Filter Screens
  • User Manual (read it!)

Technical Specifications

Size 4.6cm by 3.5cm by 11.5cm
Weight 210g
Vapour Path Glass Vapor Path
Temperature range 50-220°C
Temperature presets Set your own or use manufacturers
Temperature settings Manual – by degrees
Heat power source Hybrid
Heating element type/material Ceramic
Chamber/oven material Ceramic/stainless steel
Heat-up time (in seconds) 30 seconds
Types of material usable inside Dry leaf
Dry herb capacity (in grams) 0.3g
Extract attachment Full range of attachments available
Control/setting interface Buttons on device (up/down/menu) / LED screen
Delivery method Direct pull
Body material Stainless steel
Mouthpiece material Borosilicate glass
Manufacturer Arizer
Made in Canada
Designed in Canada
Release date Latest model 2024
Warranty 2 years

Information Sourced from the Manufacturer. **For legal use only

The Final Verdict on Solo 2 Max

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate dry herb vaporizer that can withstand the test of time and deliver top-notch vapor, look no further than the marvelous Arizer Solo 2 Max. With its extended battery life, exceptional vapor quality, and wallet-friendly price tag, this vape is a dream come true. Not only is it a breeze to clean and operate, but the flavor it produces is simply mind-blowing. Get ready to vape in style with this sensational upgrade!

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