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Arizer Glass Connoisseur Bowl

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Arizer Glass Connoisseur Bowl

The official Arizer glass connoisseur bowl with optimised full coverage airflow, a glass screen and 2 different sized chambers allows you the choice on how much product you want to use with your Arizer XQ2, Extreme Q, and V-Tower.

The Flavour chamber is small for microdosing capacity with a light, smooth and tasty vapour. Place the bowl closest to the glass screen furthest away from the heater and place your ground herbs inside.

The large capacity Cloud Chamber allows for quick and potent vapour production. To use your Macro-dosing option simply flip to the other side and fill!

Throw on a couple of Arizer’s official heat protection Bowl Grips for added safety and comfort! If you are someone who wants to reduce the cleaning time in between uses, why not grab one of these as extra? You can rotate in and out of use to ensure you are always ready to vape while the other one is being cleaned!

What's Included:

  • 1 X Glass Connoisseur Bowl

Compatible with: Arizer XQ2, Extreme Q, and V-Tower.

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