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ActiTubes - Activated Carbon Filters

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ActiTubes Slim - Get Rid Of the Gunk!

One of the most popular Smart Smoking products on the market. The Actitube, is the top of the line Activated Carbon Filter which many smokers are turning to as it's a smarter way of smoking. By reaping the benefits of modern activated carbon technology.

ActiTubes are completely full of activated carbon pellets, (which is when they make a noise when you shake them). When you you smoke using an Actitube you will notice a not only a smoother easier to smoke experience. But also a cooler smoke too, which is less harsh on the throat and lungs. 

No Affect on the Effect

ActiTubes activated Carbon Filters Cool and smooth your smoking experience, all while not affecting the effect of whatever you are smoking too.

Reduce Aftertaste & Smell

With the smoother cooler smoke, you will often find a less apparent aftertaste and smell in your mouth when using ActiTubes. 

How to use Actitubes:

ActiTubes are one use disposable filters. To use them simply:

  1. Roll Actitubes into any normal rolling papers like any other Filter
  2.  Smoke the you roll as normal
  3. Smoke and Enjoy the Smoother & Cooler Experience
  4. Dispose of them normally into a bin or ashtray

Whats included in the ActiTube Slim Box:

  • 50x Slim Single Use ActiTubes Activated Carbon Filters

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