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62% Boveda 4g Pack

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62% Boveda 4g Pack

When it comes to keeping your weed fresh, Boveda is the name you can trust. These humidity packs are designed to perfectly humidify your stash, whether you're just storing a little bit or filling up an entire jar. Best of all, they last for months on end so you can always have perfectly moist cannabis no matter how much you have. he best part is that Boveda packs have a lasting power that spans months, ensuring that your cannabis remains perfectly moist and flavorful, regardless of the quantity you possess.

Here’s a guide on minimum Boveda and size:

  • Boveda 4 gram: 7-14 grams of  herbal medicine.
  • Boveda 8 gram: 14-28 grams of herbal medicine.
  • Boveda 60 gram: 112-450 grams of herbal medicine.
  • Boveda 320 gram: up to 5 pounds of herbal medicine.

How to use Boveda Humidipak?

  1. Open your glass jar or storage container
  2. Insert the bag next to your flowers
  3. Then just let the Bodeva bag do the magic! ( 1 bag last 2-4 mouths )

Whats in the box?

    • 1x 62% Boveda 4g Pack

    This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product.

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