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Torrch Mini Vaporizer

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Title: Torrch Vaporizer - Matte Carbon Black
torrch mini vaporizer
Regular price €121.77 EUR
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  • Meet the Torrch Mini Vaporizer

    The Torrch Mini Vaporizer is a compact, reliable, and easy to maintain portable vaporizer designed for use with concentrates. Best of all, it's extremely affordable. It is designed for use with wax-style concentrates and features a robust stainless steel body. It has a coil-less design and a ceramic core for even heating that preserves the flavour of your concentrate hits. Its straightforward and intuitive single-button control scheme makes it incredibly user-friendly. 

    Torrch Mini Key Features

    The Torrch's specialisation in wax concentrates sets it apart from many traditional vaporizers. Here are some of the features that make it unique. 

    1. Design

    The Torrch Mini is a compact and discreet vaporizer with a sleek black design and smooth satin finish. This won't stand out while you're using it, allowing for a discreet and low-key vape session. It also breaks up into five separate pieces for easy cleaning, storage, and maintenance. This allows users to easily ensure that their Torrch Mini is kept shipshape and shiny! 

    2. Designed for Use With Wax Concentrates

    The Torrch mini is designed to allow you to vape wax concentrates. Also known as dabs, this type of material is a concentrated form of dry herb. This is done through a variety of processes but the most common is a type of solvent-based extraction that flushes the active ingredients out of herb's plant matter. The solvent is then boiled off with a vacuum oven, resulting in one of three types of concentrate: Oil, the least potent, shatter, the most solid and most potent, and wax, a crumbly and sticky material that is of medium potency. 

    3. Low-Temperature Vaping

    Many concentrate vaporizers are designed to work at extremely high temperatures so they can instantly vaporize dabbing material. The Torrch Mini, on the other hand, works at lower temperatures. This means that it vaporises the concentrate more slowly with its 6-second slow burn technology. This helps preserve the device's battery, the flavour of the concentrate and offers an all-round smoother vape experience. 

    4. True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology

    The Torrch features a high-quality, coil-less ceramic core heating chamber. Ceramic is a great material for a heating system. It is totally non-reactive, so it will leave your hits untainted. More importantly, however, is that it offers even heating. This combined with the Torrch Mini's slow-burn technology means that the Mini offers a truly fantastic vape experience. 

    Who Should Buy the Torrch Mini Vaporizer?

    The Torrch Mini Vaporizer is a compact and affordable concentrate vaporizer perfect for concentrate fans who don't want to advertise their vape experience. Its low price point also makes it a particularly good choice for concentrate fans who want to enjoy a high-quality, smooth vape experience without breaking the bank.

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    What’s in the Box

    1 x Ceramic Bowl

    1x High Output 1500mAh Battery

    1 x Dab Tool

    1 x USB Charger


    User Guide



    119mm*19mm / 134mm*19mm

    Heating Type

    Ceramic Coilless 

    It Can Vaporize

    Wax Concentrate

    Temperature Range


    Temp Presets


    Heat Up Time

    Less than 10 Seconds

    Chamber Material


    Chamber Capacity


    Vapour Path Material




    Control Methods


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