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Puffco New Plus

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Color: Onyx
Puffco New Plus Onyx Dab Pen
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Meet the New Puffco Plus

The Plus is the perfect way to jump into the world of concentrates! It's an all-in-one portable dab pen that's been upgraded for maximum ease of use. Loaded with a ceramic chamber and a Dart extendable loading tool that fits into the discreet mouthpiece, it's a seamless, yummy experience like no other. Plus, with the 510 battery boasting one button with hold-to-heat, Sesh Mode, and three heat settings, the rewards are limitless!

5 Big Questions About the Puffco New Plus

Dab pen vapes are a subtle, smooth way to get your concentrate fix. The Puffco Plus is the perfect pick for this style of vape and it's jam-packed with features that let it stand out from the rest!

1. What can you vape with the Puffco Plus?

The Plus was made to perfectly pair with wax concentrates, boasting a custom heating system and chamber that'll maximize your dabs' potential. Oh, and it's also 510 cartridge-compatible!

2. Is it portable?

The Plus is a pen-style concentrate vape. It can fit in any bag or pocket easily and its solid metal construction is more than capable of dealing with the trials and tribulations of daily use.

3. Can you adjust the temperature?

The Plus features three different heat settings. These are indicated by LED colours; green for low, blue for medium, and white for high.

4. How long does the battery last?

The Plus has a new and improved battery with 15% more life when compared to its predecessor. It offers an impressive one hour of continuous use.

5. Does it have a warranty?

Puffco offers a one year warranty for any defects or manufacturing errors in their electronic vaporizers.

Using the Puffco New Plus

The upgraded Plus is a fabulous, petite concentrate pen. It's super-simple to use and packed with oodles of features that make it a breeze to operate. Plus, it's now coated with Fingerprint-resistant tech.

1. How to Operate Your Puffco Plus

To operate your Plus, you must first remove the mouthpiece and press down on the plunger to pop out the concentrate dart. Dad bis dart into your wax to collect a pea-sized amount. Place the wax into the coil chamber and reattach the mouthpiece. Switch on the device by pressing the power button five times and then press it between one and four times to select your preferred temperature setting. Once it reaches vaping temperature hold down the power button and inhale.

2. How to Get the Best Vapour Quality

The ceramic coils in the new Puffco Plus offer even heating, and smooth, tasty vapour. Due to the operation of the device, there isn't much you can do to affect the vapour quality. For consistently good results, however, ensure that you clean your vape frequently.

3. How to Clean It

The Plus is incredibly easy to clean thanks to its ceramic heating system. Simply use one of the included cleaning swabs dipped in cleaning solution or alcohol to wipe away excess residue. Ensure that you evaporate any leftover alcohol by running it through a heat cycle.

What Makes the Puffco Plus Popular

Puffco are renowned across the vape industry because of their high-quality concentrate vapes. Time and time again they come out on top of vape fan's must-have lists.

  1. It features an innovative mouthpiece. The mouthpiece of the Plus is a notable design choice. It has an unusual hourglass shape that is particularly comfortable and natural to use.
  2. One button operation. When it comes to vape pens, simplicity is key. The Plus features a simple single-button control system that is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to activate the vape and cycle through all its settings with little more than a few taps.
  3. Tasty hits. The ceramic heating system of the Plus takes a little longer to reach heating temperatures than other vapes. However, it's even and gentle heating means that the resulting vapour is notably smooth and flavourful.

Puffco Plus Key Features

The Puffco Plus is a fantastic concentrate vaporizer that is a must-have for any dab fan who wants a more discreet and portable way to enjoy their vape experience. It is jam-packed with great features that allow it to provide incredible vapour hits.

1. Design

The Puffco Plus is a sleek and stylish vape with a distinguished grey metallic finish that is glossy while also being fingerprint-proof. It has a solid heft to it while remaining comfortable to carry and use. It is perfect for dab fans who like to keep their kit compact and easy to store, or anyone who likes a high level of portability from their vape.

2. Dart

One of the most distinctive features of the Puffco Peak is its interested retractable dart loading tool. This makes it incredibly quick and easy to load your vaporizer, taking a lof the fuss associated with pen concentrate vapes.

3. Ceramic Chamber

Ceramic is a fantastic material for concentrate vape chambers. It offers smooth and even heating, allowing for great, consistent vapour every time.

4. New and Improved Battery

The Puffco Peak features an incredible battery that is designed for concentrate vaping. This is designed from the ground up to offer consistent vape times. This version of the New Puffco Peak Pro features a new and improved battery that is 15% more powerful than that of any previous New Peak Pro vape. 

The Final Verdict on Puffco New Plus

The Puffco new Plus is a fantastic portable concentrate vape for those who value discretion and tasty vapour above all else. Its integrated dab dart and hourglass mouthpiece are fantastic quality-of-life features that other concentrate pens would do well to imitate. While you won't be ripping any big clouds with this device you can be sure that your hits will be smooth and tasty.

Puffco New Plus Included Parts

What’s in the Box

1 x Puffco New Plus ( or V2 if selected )

1 x Plus Super Charger

1 X Set of Cleaning Swabs

1x Instruction Manual

1 X Chamber + Grip ( New Plus )

1x Dart ( New Plus )



Concentrates & 510 Cartridges

Preconfigured temperature levels

3 settings (3.6 - 4.2 volts)

Initial Heating

12 seconds

Heating System

Conduction with Convection elements

Heating Chamber Material


Removable Battery

50 hits on average

Battery Capacity

25-30 minutes

Charge Time

3 hours

Compatibility With Chargers


Compatibility with Smartphone Applications


This trusted information is sourced from the Puffco and our own experience testing the product.

**For legal use only

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