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Zeus Accessories

Zeus is a super versatile brand that offers amazing vaporizers which have modern features and deliver tasty vapor each and every time. But that’s not all! Zeus also makes accessories to go with their 2 amazing vaporizers, the Arc and Arc GT vape units. See below just how much we have to offer you!

Herbalize is the best place to find the best Zeus parts and accessories. We guarantee high quality and a broad selection of fantastic products.

Zeus Parts and Accessories

Zeus have a huge range of fantastic accessories, cleaning products, and spare parts. These can all help you get the very most out of your Zeus vaporizer.

  • Zeus Armour Case:This sturdy case is perfect for any Zeus vaporizer. It features a range of storage pouches and a study exterior
  • Zeus Charge: This fantastic powerbank is the ultimate way to get more range out of your Zeus vaporizer between charges. This 5000mAh battery is compatible with any vaporizer that uses USB charging. 
  • Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit: This kit features everything you need to keep your vaporizer in tip top condition. It uses cleaning wipes and cleaning solutions to gently rub away any built up grime.



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