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    Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser

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Since 2015, Ghost has been in the vape game for the win. They started their amazing vape company by reverse-engineering the market’s top vapes, and put all their favourite qualities into the one and only Ghost MV1 vape. 

Ghost vaporizers are known worldwide as being high quality and ultra portable, and they have a reputation of producing amazing vapour that is as tasty as it is potent. If you’ve seen the Ghost MV1, you know that we mean it when we say they know their way around a beautiful vaporizer!

So we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about this amazing vape, and tell you all about its features, its specifications, and give you an idea of what it’s like owning this unique dry herb and concentrates vaporizer!

Outstanding Features

The Ghost MV1 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that has unique features ranging from its design to its technology, and it’s up in the top 10 vaporizers of 2020 without a doubt. It is both elegant and stealthy, and thanks to its full convection heating, it really packs a punch!

  • Made with medical grade materials

  • Designed to be easy to use and to hold

  • Portable

  • Compatible with dry herb and concentrates

  • Comes in 4 different colour options: black, silver, rose gold, and matte grey

  • All-glass mouthpiece

  • Compatible with the Ghost MV1 Mobile App

  • Complete with Bluetooth technology

  • Precise temperature control

ghost vaporizer IE


Vapour Path Material


Compatible With

Dry Herb and Concentrates


12.7cm x 5.7cm x 3.5cm



Preset Temp Settings

4 Temperature Settings: 

3 for Herb and 1 for Concentrates

Heat-Up Time

10 Seconds

Charging Time

8 hours with USB, 2 hours with Wall Charger

Oven Capacity


Heat Temp Range

140°C - 220°C

App Compatible?


The Ghost MV1 - Pros and Cons



Stealthy and Discreet

Long USB Charge Time

Easy to Use

A Bit Large

Technologically Advanced

App is Only Available on Android

Ease of Use

The Ghost MV1 could easily be considered one of the best portable vapes on the market thanks to its ease of use. The MV1 uses ‘crucibles’, which are pods in which dry herb can be loaded and packed into the vape for a session at any time. 

Using crucibles eliminates the necessity of loading your vaporizer with ground dry herb or concentrates, and it makes the whole process quick and discreet. You can take up to 5 loaded crucibles in the dispenser accessory for quick and easy access!

Loading the MV1 is incredibly simple, and all you need to do is:

  • Open the chamber
  • Insert a loaded crucible into it (white section on the bottom, metal section on top)
  • Close the chamber

To start vaping the Ghost MV1, you just need to:

  • Press the button
  • Wait for the haptic feedback to let you know when it reaches the desired temperature
  • Draw directly into your lungs
  • Repeat the process until your crucible is spent

Unloading the chamber is just as simple:

  • Wait for the crucible to cool down for a minute or so
  • Open the chamber
  • Take the crucible out and stow it in the dispenser accessory
  • Close the chamber again

To be honest, the ease of use and the overall discreetness makes using the MV1 on-the-go an amazing experience. Not only is it easy to load and unload in under a minute, but it doesn’t draw much attention to the user in any way - especially since during the process there is no exposed dry herb or concentrate which, let’s face it, we can all spot from a mile away.

Yes, there are many other smaller vapes on the market which could look much more discreet and are much easier to conceal during travel. But the MV1 is just as stealthy as these vapes thanks to its ease of use. No tampering with heat settings, no need to press multiple buttons and watch a digital screen as it heats -- just press, vape, go.

Temperature Settings and App Usage 

The Ghost MV1 has precise temperature controls, and when you use it with the app, you even have controls over the preset temperatures available to use. Many people have found that the presets are helpful in keeping the hassle to a minimum when using the vape on-the-go. 

One can switch between 4 presets on the vape itself: 3 for dry herb, and one for concentrates. The three dry herbs presets range from:

  • Low: 171°C
  • Medium: 185°C
  • High: 199°C
  • Concentrates: 243°C

These temperatures make the most out of your herb, and the concentrates preset goes up to the highest temperature for efficient concentrate extraction.

The Ghost MV1 mobile app is very easy to use, its dashboard is broad and easy to understand, and the overall controls on the app are intuitive. These qualities make using the app much less of a hassle than having to do it all on the vaporizer itself.

ghost mv1 vape IE

Unfortunately, Apple recently put an all-out ban on all vape apps on iOS, and that has created quite a bit of difficulty for people searching for an app-compatible vape, and own an iPhone. However, it still works beautifully with Android systems, and can be found on the Google Play Store.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of the Ghost MV1 is outstanding, and could be considered one of the top 5 portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. You may find this hard to believe, as Ghost is not talked about much, and doesn’t have a large presence in the media. 

But as soon as you take your first hit from the Ghost MV1 Vape, you’ll know what we’re talking about, and you’ll most likely love it just as much as we love it. So take this opportunity to experience the true power of the MV1, and get vaping!

Accessories and Spare Parts

Accessory/Spare Part


Crucible Pack

The pack comes with 3 crucibles, which completes the 5 crucibles you need to pack the crucible dispenser and vape seamlessly on the go.

Crucible Dispenser

The crucible dispenser is a carrier designed specifically for keeping your crucibles safe and sound while you travel.



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