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7th Floor Vaporizers

7th Floor is a small vape brand based in Colorado Springs, USA, and over the past decade-plus they’ve attracted a loyal following of vapers around the world thanks to their solid, well-made vaporizers that produce excellent vapor for years. The affordable prices certainly don’t hurt, either, nor does the fact that 7th Floor offer some of the most unique colour combinations and accessories in the business.

Over the years, the brand has produced a wide range of devices from electric dab rigs to compact vape pens, but their calling card has always been their handheld desktop vaporizers. Smaller and easier to handle than typical desktop vapes, 7th Floor’s models have become a major hit with people who like the power of desktop vapes but wish it came in a tidier package. 

Today, the Herbalize Store is proud to offer the most popular 7th Floor vaporizers out there—with prices and special bonuses that are tough to beat. Keep reading to find out why 7th Floor vapes make a perfect addition to your vape-related repertoire, and why the Herbalize Store is the best place to get yours. 

7th Floor FAQ 

7th Floor is a relatively ‘indie’ vape brand, and as such, people tend to have a lot of questions about their vaporizers. Here are a few of the most common things people ask our staff at the Herbalize Store about 7th Floor vapes: 

1. How do 7th Floor vapes work?

Most 7th Floor vapes employ a convection heating system, which blasts your material with hot air to release its beneficial compounds. This means the material itself doesn’t combust, which produces a cleaner and more flavourful hit. 7th Floor vapes tend to offer custom temperature controls, which are often controlled by analog rather than digital means (i.e. you twist a dial instead of punching numbers into an LED screen).

2. Are 7th Floor vapes portable? 

7th Floor do produce a number of portable vaporizers, but their main speciality is desktop vaporizers that require a connection to an external power source. However, 7th Floor desktop vaporizers are much smaller and lighter than most of the competition, meaning that it’s relatively easy to take your 7th Floor with you on short trips or visits to a friend’s house. 

3. What can you vape with 7th Floor vapes?

7th Floor vapes can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates like wax or shatter—though in the case of the latter, it might be necessary to buy special attachments that prevent the melted concentrate from gunking up the innards of your vaporizer. 

4. Do 7th Floor vapes smell?

7th Floor vapes, like all vaporizers, emit some level of odour when in use. However, that odour is much less potent than the kind of smell that comes with traditional forms of smoking. The type of material you use will have an affect on how long the aroma lingers, as will the temperature at which you use it. In general, though, there are no special olfactory concerns when it comes to 7th Floor vaporizers.

5. Where can I buy 7th Floor vapes? 

7th Floor vapes have gotten a little hard to find recently (these artisanal creations require a bit of internet sleuthing to track down), but may we suggest the Herbalize Store might be a good place to start. As the world’s most sustainable online vape shop, we’re proud to plant a tree in your name whenever you buy a 7th Floor vape—and we’ll throw in free shipping and free 14 day returns as well. 

What Makes 7th Floor Stand Out?

7th Floor vaporizers have been around for over a decade, and over that time the brand has steadily honed its ‘core competencies’ (in regular person language, they realised they excelled in a number of areas and focused their attention on getting even better at those things). Here’s why 7th Floor has managed to stick around for so long:

1. Compact Build

Desktop vaporizers are 7th Floor’s bread and butter, and they specialise in ones with ‘tiny footprints,’ so to speak. Most well known desktop vapes can take up much of your coffee table (which makes discreet storage an annoyance as well), but 7th Floor desktop vapes are small and lightweight enough to be picked up easily with one hand. Not only does this mean it’s easier to haul them over to a mate’s house for an afternoon session, it has a host of benefits for household use that we’re sure you can imagine.

2. Customisable Designs 

7th Floor vaporizers come in an astonishing variety of colour schemes. Whilst it’s not uncommon for vape manufacturers to offer the same model in various colours—aside from the typical blacks and silvers, hues like sage and rose gold have also become popular in recent years—7th Floor takes this to the next level by letting you mix and match colours for every part of the device (well, at least the base and the tube for desktop vapes). Whether you want a vape in the colours of your favourite football team, or ones that match the drapes and carpet of your cosy flat, 7th Floor makes it easy to make a personal statement with your vaporizer. 

3. Long Warranty

The heating element is the most important part of a vaporizer—without it, there would literally be no vapor—and 7th Floor’s 3 year warranty on these parts is one of the best in the business. These devices, which are made by teams of American workers in the company’s Colorado Springs factory, are built to stand the test of time, which is welcome news for both dedicated vapers and their wallets. 

What’s New in 7th Floor’s Collection?

7th Floor produce a wide variety of both portable and desktop vapes, and it’s the latter that tend to attract the most attention—the brand have a reputation for creating desktop vapes that are smaller and easier to use than many of their competitors’ models, whilst also delivering excellent vapor quality. Pricing is a particular strong point of 7th Floor, especially when it comes to desktop vapes, as evidenced by one of their most popular new creations:

The Silver Surfer is a short, squat desktop vaporizer that bears a resemblance to those giant heads on Easter Island. But make no mistake, this isn’t a novelty item—it’s a seriously potent convection vape that’s perfect for group sessions thanks to its whip design (in case you’re new to vaping, just picture the hose of a shisha pipe) and ability to handle any material you prefer, thanks to its ‘dab dish.’ The Silver Surfer boasts a range of other attachments, like water pipe adapters, that let you customise each session to your preferences. 

Final Thoughts on 7th Floor Vaporizers

7th Floor vapes make solid additions to the kits of casual and intermediate vapers. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make sure everything in your home matches a certain vibe, the wide range of colours and designs are a major plus in this brand’s favour—and the number of reasonably priced accessories certainly doesn’t hurt either.

7th Floor vaporizers offer a level of personalisation that’s rare to find in most vape brands today, and that can be an attractive selling point to people who like every vape session to be just so. At the same time, it’s not as if 7th Floor devices are just a collection of pretty faces in the vape world; the lengthy warranty offered on the brand’s vapes shows that you can count on your 7th Floor vaporizer to put out clouds of thick, satisfying vapor for years to come. 



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