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Linx Eden Vaporizer

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Meet the Linx Eden Vaporizer

Slim, stylish, and incredibly affordable, the Linx Eden blends the best of dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers in one convenient package. No matter your preferred material, the all quartz heating chamber and streamlined vapour path ensure that every vape session is an easy and enjoyable one. And at less than half the price of comparable models, you’re getting an exceptional value.

As far as convection vaporizers go, the Linx Eden stands out in terms of both safety and performance. The lack of synthetic insulation means your vapour will always be clean and cool, even if your device gets a little warm—and the heat shield included in the kit has you covered on that front. With the Eden, Linx have paid attention to all the details, and it shows. 

Linx Eden Key Features

Linx are known for their well-made vaporizers, and the tiny Eden is no exception. Here are just a few of the high-end features you’ll find in this budget-priced device:

1. Design

The sleek, cylindrical body of the Linx Eden is crafted from medical grade stainless steel. Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, it still has the pleasant heft of an Apple accessory. You’ll barely feel it in your pocket, and nobody will give it a second look when you pull it out. 

2. Vape Dry Herb and Concentrates 

Not only can you vape materials of any type with the Linx Eden, you can also vape multiple types at the same time, thanks to the trademark ‘lava plates.’ The end result is a truly exceptional vaping experience that can be customised any way you can think of.

3. Premium Quality Vapor

The glass mouthpiece and all-quartz convection heating chamber ensure that no metal or plastic comes in contact with your vapour before it reaches your lips. This has benefits for safety, of course, but it also means that every hit of vapour is as pure and refreshing as a mountain breeze. 

4. Precision Temperature Controls

The Linx Eden comes with four preset temperature settings that allow you to personalise the effects of each session. A single button allows you to set your desired level of heat, and bright LED lights on the side of the device let you know when your device is ready to vape (in general, this takes less than 30 seconds).

5. Easy to Clean

All you need to clean the Linx Eden is a few cotton swabs and some isopropyl alcohol. To clean the mouthpiece and the oven chamber, just dampen a swab or two and give the parts a quick rub. If you’re not much of a maintenance person, the Linx Eden makes it easy to keep your device in top condition.

Who Should Buy the Linx Eden?

You might want to pick up the Linx Eden if any of the statements below sound familiar:

  1. You like to customise your vape sessions. Aside from the ability to switch seamlessly between materials and temperatures, the Linx Eden also offers some intriguing accessories (sold separately) like an adapter for water pipes.
  2. You appreciate a discreet vape. For those who do a lot of vaping in public, the Linx Eden is an excellent option thanks to its inconspicuous design. It might attract attention when you show it to friends, but strangers on the street won’t give it a second look.
  3. You put a premium on health and safety. The Linx Eden goes through special tests to ensure it won’t leech heavy metals into your materials when you vape. If keeping your lungs clean is important to you (for any reason), this device can help give you a little extra peace of mind. 

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What's in The Box :

  • 1 Linx Eden, with all quartz heating chamber
  • 1 Linx Eden magnetic mouthpiece cap
  • 3 Linx Eden silicone mouthpiece cap
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 3 glass mouthpiece tubes
  • 1 USB-C charger
  • 4 filter screens
  • 3 Linx Eden lava plates
  • 1 silicone sleeve

Technical Specifications

Compatible With

Dry herb and concentrates


24mm x 130mm with mouthpiece attached


116 g


Stainless steel body, glass mouthpiece, quartz heating chamber


2500mAh lithium ion 

Charge Time

3-4 hours

Heating System



5v, 520mA

Information sourced from Linx Vapor.

**For legal use only

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