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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Dr Dabber Boost Evo is the perfect vaporizer for anyone looking to get the perfect dab every time. With six temperature settings that have been perfectly calibrated, you can be sure to get consistent and accurate temperature no matter how you use your EVO. Coupled with a custom quartz dish and cool RGB ambient lights, the Boost Evo is the perfect device for anyone looking for an advanced and innovative vaporizer.

Boost EVO Features:

  • For Wax Dabbing (Solid Wax Concentrates)
  • Carrying case included
  • Quick Connect Adapter with airflow release
  • 11 Second heat up time!
  • Six Temperature Settings 500 - 750° F
  • Fast Pass through USB-C charging
  • Up to 60 hits on a Single Charge
  • Enhanced ergonomics with grip pads
  • LED Lights or Stealth Mode
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Design

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is a compact vaporizer that fits easily in your hand. It has small grips on the side for easy holding and is a comfortable weight. The front of the dab rig has a single button for operation and four LED lights to indicate battery level. The button also has an LED, and there are extra lights around the grips and bottom. This vaporizer has a light show function like the New Puffco Peak Pro, but it doesn't require a phone app. The light show has five different options to choose from.


Dr Dabber EVO Carrot Limited Edition


The Boost Evo has a unique setup compared with other portable dab rigs. The air path on this vaporizer is very direct, with the atomizer located at the top of the device and the water piece directly on top of it. This design allows vapor from the atomizer go straight into the water piece, resulting in a pure air path. Additionally, this setup makes cleaning the device very easy.

The water piece glass bubbler effortlessly clicks into place with the device, thanks to the genius of a handy-dandy gasket on top. When it's time to remove the water piece, the adapter might tag along for the ride, or sometimes it may decide to stay put, leaving the water piece to venture off on its own. Don't panic! This delightful dance of the strong magnets connecting the adapter and the vaporizer is all part of the charm.

The airflow design of this device does not include a carb cap. Instead, it has an airflow release button that I find interesting. The button can be used in various ways: leaving your finger off it to allow airflow, placing your finger over it to minimize airflow and create a strong hit, sliding it in and out to clear the chamber, or adjusting airflow during your hit. Overall, it offers a unique function compared to other dab rigs, which I appreciate.

How to use Dr Dabber EVO

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is simple to use and with a few tries, you'll become proficient with it.


  1. Ensure the device is fully charged before use. Connect the provided USB charging cable to the device and a power source. The LED indicator should show charging progress.


  1. Remove the glass attachment from the Boost Evo's base.
  2. Attach the atomizer to the Boost Evo base. This is the heating element that vaporizes your concentrates.
  3. Attach the glass attachment to the atomizer. This is where the vapor travels through and cools down before inhalation.

Preparing for Use:

  1. Turn on the device by clicking the power button located on the front of the device 5 times in succession.
  2. Make sure the device is set to the desired temperature. The Boost Evo typically has multiple heat settings that can be cycled by pressing 3 times.

Loading and Vaping:

  1. Place a small amount of concentrate onto the heating element in the atomizer using a dab tool. Be careful not to overfill or overload.
  2. Place the glass attachment back onto the atomizer and ensure it's securely attached.
  3. Press and hold the power button 3 seconds to initiate the heating process. The device will heat up the atomizer and vaporize the concentrate.
  4. Start inhaling gently through the glass attachment. You should begin to feel the vapor.
  5. Experiment with your draw speed and the intensity of your inhales to find the sweet spot for the best vapor production and flavor.

Hot hit: To ensure optimal usage, it is recommended to heat up the atomizer before loading any substance for a hot hit.

Cold hit: Experience the ultimate cold hit by loading the material into the atomizer and watch it sizzle and ignite!

No matter what, the perfect starting size is as tiny as a grain of rice, but fear not! The magnificent 15mm insert is here to handle those delightful and satisfying draws.

After selecting your preferred temperature, allow it to heat up before using. Place the carb cap on the chamber and inhale softly.

After using it a couple of times, you will have a good rig experience every single time.

Vapor Quality

The Boost Evo delivers vapor so smooth and satisfying, you'll be blown away by the incredible quality.

The Boost Evo achieves this superior vapor quality thanks to its precise temperature control system and glass vapor pathway. The range of temperatures goes from 500F up to 800F, with a wide selection of settings in between. This allows you to customize the flavor profile and release different terpenes at different temperatures.

At the lower end of the temperature scale, you will get smooth, flavorful pulls that are great for discreet and flavorful puffs. On the higher end, you can get huge milky clouds that are perfect for those special occasions. Perhaps the main reason why EVO been getting great customer feedback. 

Boost EVO Temps

The innovative temperature control sensor is built into the atomizer, making it one of the most accurate and reliable vaporizers on the market.

Dr Dabber Boost Evo concentrate vaporizer features patented temperature control sensor technology that ensures perfect dabs every time. No more guesswork or flavor loss - just pure, delicious vapor with each and every hit. Plus, the Boost Evo comes with a slew of other high-end features including an ultra-responsive touch sensor display. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, the Dr Dabber Boost Evo heat settings is sure to elevate your concentrate game.

Colors for heating

  • Temp 1 500F degrees as indicated by purple
  • Temp 2 550F degrees as indicated by blue
  • Temp 3 600F degrees as indicated by the cyan
  • Temp 4 650F degrees as indicated by green
  • Temp 5 700F degrees as indicated by yellow
  • Temp 6 750F degrees as indicated by white

The Battery

The Dr Dabber Boost EVO is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that can sustain multiple uses between charges. The battery has a capacity of 2600mAh which is more than enough to provide up to 75 minutes of continuous use. Furthermore, the Boost EVO features “pass-through” technology which allows you to use the device while it is charging. This means you can keep enjoying your favorite concentrates even if battery is low.

The Dr Dabber Boost EVO is an advanced portable e-rig created for dabbing that features an auto shutoff feature. This feature helps users save battery life and avoids overuse of the device. The auto shutoff is activated after a certain amount of time has passed without use, helping to ensure that the device isn’t used too frequently or for too long at one time . This is a great feature that ensures your device will last longer and helps you to avoid any unwanted accidents or issues.

Average battery life

40-60 Hits

Recharge time

1 hour / 60 minutes

Dr Dabber Boost Limited Edition

No matter what your style or preference, the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo has you covered. Choose from Dr dabbers selection of colorways and collaborations to find the perfect match for you. And don't forget to check back often for new co-lab releases!

With its intuitive design and unmatched performance, the Boost Evo is the ultimate dabbing solution for everyone. 

What's in the box?

  • 1 Dr Dabber Boost EVO
  • 1 Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer
  • 1 Boost EVO Replacement Glass Attachment
  • 1 Boost EVO USB-C Charger
  • 1 Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter
  • 1 Boost EVO Loading Tool

Technical Specifications

Size Height: 4" (without glass), 7.75" (with glass), Diameter: 2.83"
Weight (in grams) NA
Temperature range (in Celsius) 500°F-600°F
Temperature presets 6 presets
Temperature settings Manually pressed
Heat power source Battery
Heating element type/material Internal modular heating
Chamber/oven material Magnetic Precap
Heat up time (in seconds) 30 seconds
Types of material usable inside Essential oils / Dry Extract
Extract attachment Glass Water Attachment
Control / setting interface Dual-Buttons, Directly Pressed
Delivery method Direct Pull
Body material Metal / Glass
Mouthpiece material Glass
Manufacturer Dr. Dabber
Made in United States
Designed in United States
Release date 2020
Warranty 1 Year

This trusted information is sourced from the Dr. Dabber vaporizer manufacturer trusted information and our own experience using the product.

**For legal use only

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