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Atman Pretty Plus

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Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer
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Meet the Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer

The Atman Pretty Plus dry herb vaporizer pen is one of the smallest and most affordable vape pens on the market today. It’s also an ideal vape for beginners, thanks to its simple controls and user-friendly design. Even if you’re new to the world of vaping, it won’t take long for you to figure out the ins and outs of this pocket-friendly device.

Charging and loading the Atman Pretty Plus is about as simple as it gets, and the colour-coded heat up alert takes the guesswork out of every session (and the fast heat up time means you won’t have to wait too long to vape whenever the mood strikes). This isn’t the flashiest or most advanced vaporizer out there, but if you’re a connoisseur of dry herb on a budget, it’ll do everything you need.

Atman Pretty Plus Key Features

Like most portable dry herb vape pens, the Atman Pretty Plus keeps it simple—at the same time, it boasts a number of notable features that are worth examining in detail: 

1. Design

The Atman Pretty Plus is an ultra-compact device, roughly the size of an actual pen. Crafted from rugged plastic, there are no fragile external parts (which is a plus if you tend to be a bit clumsy with your vape). 

2. User Friendly Operation

The Atman Pretty Plus is controlled via a single button on the side of the device. Press the button five times to turn on the device—the red and green LED lights will flash three times to let you know everything is ready. The device heats up in just 45 seconds, during which time the LED light will flash red.

3. Innovative Heating Structure

The Atman Pretty plus uses a 360° heating structure chamber to ensure your dry herb heats smoothly and evenly with every session. The ceramic heating chamber is free of metal or plastic parts so your vapour will be cool and refreshing each time you take a hit.

4. Orange Alert Colour

Aside from the LED lights, the Atman Pretty Plus also features a unique orange light on the tank that will light up once the device is finished heating. After the session is over, the colour of the tank will change back to black. 

5. Automatic Shut Off

To prevent your material from being wasted whilst the device is not in use, the Atman Pretty Plus will automatically shut off after 120 seconds of inactivity. You’ll never have to worry about torching a full bowl again.

Who Should Buy the Atman Pretty Plus?

The Atman Pretty Plus is a relative unknown in the vaping world, but that also means it’s a great option for bargain shoppers who are looking to try vaping without breaking the bank. It’s especially good for:

  1. People who want an extra-affordable dry herb pen. Even for a vape pen, the Atman Pretty Plus has a remarkably low price point. Although it lacks some of the features of more expensive devices, the rudimentary functionality will get the job done for the casual vaper. 
  2. People who enjoy vaping on the go. Since the Atman Pretty Plus is such a petite device, it can be easily stowed in your pocket or bag whenever you go. And thanks to its inconspicuous profile, it won’t attract attention even if you’re vaping in public. 
  3. People who prefer simplicity in their vaporizers. In terms of user-friendliness, it’s hard to beat the Atman Pretty Plus’ single control button and easy loading capabilities. Plus, it’s both quick and simple to clean, meaning you can spend more time vaping and less time trying to keep your device in peak condition. 

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What’s in the Box

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer

Extra Heating Chamber

Cleaning Brush

Packing Tool

Micro USB Charger

Technical Specifications


15.3 cm x 1.4 cm x 1.3 cm


14 mm

Compatible With:

Dry Herb


900mAh Lithium Battery (built in)

Heating Style:


Heat Up Time:

~30 Seconds

Max Temperature:

205° C

Adjustable Temperature:




Information sourced from Atman Vape.

**For legal use only

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