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Arizer Air SE Vaporizer

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Arizer Air SE Vaporizer

The Arizer Air SE Vaporizer is an affordable, advanced and innovative dry herb vaporizer that offers a variety of features to ensure the best possible vaping experience. This device has been designed with convenience and portability in mind, making it perfect for those looking for a discreet, easy-to-carry vaporizer.

The Air SE is powered by a powerful lithium ion battery that provides up to two hours of continuous use , and has a digital temperature control that allows you to set your desired vaping temperature. It also includes an extended glass stem for increased vapor production and improved flavour.


  • Arizer offers high-quality products at a reasonable cost.
  • Experience longer and better sessions with their trusty 10-minute timer!
  • Lightweight and pocket-friendly size.
  • Get vapor in under a minute with quick session start.
  • Don't wait for charging, just swap the battery and charge on the go.

What stands out from the other Air vapes?

The Arizer Air SE dry herb vaporizer is an cheaper option for those interested in trying the Arizer brand.

This vaporizer is designed for comfortable vaping, with a compact and lightweight design. It includes industry-standard features such as quick heat up, replaceable battery, and pass-through charging.

The Arizer Air SE offers high-quality sessions with tasty vapor at an affordable price.

The vapor quality of Arizer is known for its signature standard.

The Arizer Air SE has a combination of conduction and convection heating system that effectively vaporizes herbs. Its pure glass stem mouthpiece ensures a comfortable and clean vapor path, resulting in cool and flavourful vapor. Additionally, it is priced competitively.

The Air SE vaporizer made by Arizer uses a ceramic heating element that is known for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Instant satisfaction with the one minute heat-up!

The Arizer Air SE vaporizer allows for quick session preparation, taking under a minute to reach the highest temperature from a cold start and around 30 seconds from low settings.

Quick 10-minute power sessions

The Arizer Air SE features extended sessions that allow for a 10-minute timer, providing ample time to enjoy herbs at a comfortable pace.

The battery life lasts for more than an hour

Get ready to indulge in over 60 minutes of pure, top-notch vapor with the Arizer Air SE portable vaporizer. Powered by a single standard 18650 battery, this sleek device is the ultimate companion for extended sessions. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly charging and hello to an elevated experience that's sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Battery can be replaced and charged while in use

The Arizer Air SE has a replaceable battery and pass-through charging to ensure uninterrupted use. The rechargeable 18650 battery can be swapped out when needed.

The design is compact, lightweight, and sturdy

The Arizer Air SE has a lightweight and durable design with a tough polymer shell. It weighs 15g less than the original Arizer Air (102g vs 117g), but still has a sturdy design that can fit easily in a pocket or purse with or without the glass mouthpiece.

5 temperature settings

Experience the perfect temperature every time with our five preset settings, ranging from a toasty 356F / 180C all the way up to a sizzling 410F / 210C!

Temperature Range:

Blue: 356°F / 180°C
Pink: 274°F / 190°C
Green: 392°F / 200°C
Yellow: 401°F / 205°C
Red: 410°F / 210°C

The controls consist of only two buttons

The Arizer Air SE has user-friendly controls. By pressing two buttons and referring to two light indicators, you can easily turn it on, select your preferred temperature, and turn it off.

Arzier Warranty

As authorized dealers of Arizer Vaporizers, purchasing an Air SE from us grants you a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on the heating element and a one-year warranty on all other components (excluding the battery and glass).

What´s in the box?

  • 1 x Arizer Air SE Vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Tube
  • 1 x PVC Travel Tube
  • 1 x Miqro USB Charger Cable
  • 1 x Replacement Screen Pack
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stir Tool

Technical Specifications

Warranty Info:

Lifetime Warranty - Heating Element

1 Year on everything else ( Except Battery and Glass )


Height: 7 in / 17.78 cm w/ Stem

Diameter: 1.18 in / 3 cm

Weight: 3.59 oz / 102 g w/o Stem
Device Type: Portable Vaporizer
Device Compatibility: Herbs
Delivery Method: Direct Draw
Heat Source: Removable Battery
Temperature Settings
5 Presets
Use while charging?: Yes

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and from our own experience using the product.

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